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Hey Aj, Rafael here, after being a few days in chat in the morning I realized that you and your room are legit. I read the pm notes and then your live discussion on plays and you almost if not nailed all of the plays...

I've been in AJ's chat room from day 1. I was as green in trading as one gets. In the last year I've learned more than I ever could on my own. Great guidance and the moderators are there to help you. Most important thing in trading is letting the trade come to you and NEVER chase. You'll get 10 to 12 actionable trades each morning before the market opens and you'll get guidance the whole trading day. You just need to ask questions.

You'll save money learning how to day trade if that's your passion. Just be prepared you will make mistakes and this is a marathon, not a sprint. I know there's no better place to start. There are many out there who are more interested in getting paid vs you finding success and AJ will do whatever it takes to get you there.

I joined AJ's room 2 months ago as the result of leaving another room which had become a very negative environment for me. A friend urged me to try Awesome Calls and I was immediately hooked. It was like going from a Kia to a Ferrari! AJ calls out 10 long AND short ideas before the market opens EVERY day. He goes over each idea in detail with specific directions for each positions depending on how it trades at the open. He is live online with us for most of the day and will show us in real time via live charts charts how stocks are "flagging" or ready to "pull". I have never seen anyone who "knows the move before the move" like he does. While his emphasis is on equities, I've been able to take my background in options to utilize his skill and trade his ideas via options for pricier names such as NFLX, TSLA, AMBA, GOOGL, etc. I've also become more comfortable "scalping" lower priced stocks, moving in and out of them quickly. Along with my friend Mike, we call out option flow as moderators and alert the room to significant trades in calls and puts throughout the day. We also have "Wall Street Warrior" in our room who alerts everyone to breaking news before it shows up anywhere else. Pablo, one of the best short traders ever, is also in our room calling out his trades live. Plus we have Barry who (amongst other things) is a pro at trading volatility via ETFs such as UVXY. There's not enough room here to name everyone, but the list of valuable contributors goes on and on. The room has an incredible sense of community and we all look out for each other. AJ answers every question. No one is ever ignored, silenced or banned. He genuinely cares about everyone. It's more than a chat room; it's a family!

I've been in the business for over 30 years: 22 years with Dean Witter, Morgan Stanley and 10 years on my own. I can honestly say I've learned more in the past 2 months than I have anywhere else. I can't imagine a better investment in your trading career than joining this room.

First, any trader interested in joining AJ in AwesomeCalls should read Katie's review several times; I am familiar with Katie's experience and she presents a fair and accurate description of the daily intraday & swing (multi-day) trade opportunities, so no need to reinvent the wheel. Now, go back & read my first sentence again & repeat. I've been trading stocks and managing family accounts for 36+ years & trading options for 20+ years. After success as a full time private trader I sought more knowledge & training to compete against the hedge funds & computerized trading algos, or trade bots, as the landscape was changing along with market structure (dark pools, ETFs, flash crashes, etc.). I joined an option room and several months later noticed AJ on twitter - there was something very different about AJ. You could feel his charisma & passion for trading just by reading his tweets. I soon found myself spending more time following AJ & his tweets than I did the moderators in the option room, which I left to trade on my own again. AJ promised he would start a service unlike any other. He did and I am proud to be one of his first sign ups, even though I was not in a position to actively participate in his service. I did not care that I was paying for a service I was not able to use because I had great faith in AJ and his unique abilities as a trader & I wanted to support him in his new venture. It was, however, AJ's commitment as a single father to his teenage son that clinched the deal for me. Talk is cheap, but character runs deep. At the same time I was researching high performance training to enhance my trading and other pursuits. I meticulously studied all the great traders of this century and last and soon realized there was one right in front of me. What sets AJ apart from the crowd, however, is his unique ability as a motivator. One of the greatest modern traders uses Tony Robbins as a motivator & to enhance performance; its a modern day arms race on the trade battlefield & the self-teaching trade bots know no remorse or pity. I commented to the AC family the other day that not only is AJ a great trader, but he is a wonderful motivator & teacher. AJ embodies all of the essentials for high performance effort & trading: he has a routine, schedule, style, strategy, tactics & ability to execute his trade plans. AJ is relentless in his search for trade set ups & real time opportunities and tireless in execution of his business and providing the highest quality customer service.

I worked on Wall Street for 25 yrs & participated in guarantying over $70 billion of debt issues & negotiated complex derivative transactions with all of the top tier Wall Street firms & major foreign and domestic banks. In all those years I never met someone like AJ. Wall Street likes to talk, but most can't do the walk. I have gratitude for what AJ has accomplished because it has allowed me to reunite with my best option trader friends in a trade room where the focus is on trading equities, but our options experience & abilities compliment & enhance the equity trades. I realized early on that there was great opportunity to leverage my option trading with AJ's unique intraday & swing equity skills. AC truely is a trade family. If you are trading for a living or just starting out, I don't think you will find any service that holds a candle to the power of the AC trade family when AJ's on the hunt in real time.

AJ, this is my gift to you from the heart on your one year anniversary. You earned it, one trade at a time.

Congratulations on your success! You stand in your own light.

Rick P.
Awesomecalls Member

Ahh it's cool Aj "family"it's great. but just pulled up at the hotel. Appreciate you going out of your way and the confidence boost- we'll just see what happens? I had plenty of opportunities to sell .74,.75 AH's but held. I just keep seeing 4.14 for some reason then pull and consolidate....... If only you could've seen me today the excitement in the room was intense "awesome" as is most days. Had my iPad set up for driving phone in hand and cruise control set. White knuckled excitement even had to pull over a couple of times. Lol!! Just plain awesome the feeling of making money while making $$$. Thx. Aj your an excellent add to my life.
Thanks Rick

Luis C.
Awesomecalls Member

Hey Aj did not have a good day trading today to NO fault of you or any mods. Took a trade on go pro heavy on margin when it ran up on me got shaken out only to have it collapse few minutes later would have made 2000 bucks took -600 loss but Big J took his time and explained to me where i went wrong when you went on break and even though i took a loss I personaly feel I gained 10x more insight to my trading style i am trying to reach. I know i am trading scared and not having the confidence to pull the triger when you say too...just stupid jaded head of mine from getting crushed on the other boards that it left me with no trading confidence.You are rebuilding me bro and to my profound greatfullness i will overcome this bump in my path. I want to be able to trade fearlessly i know i am getting there but got to overcome this stupid anxiety. I know i can do this already have gained so much..just slap me out of this mental state lol
That is why i go on the war path and just bash the pumpers on the other boards when they trash talk about you. You are amazing trader wish i would have started with you 3 months ago. Would have never lost 18k so fast man but 2 weeks with you recovered about 4k so we are getting there brotha
Thank you Aj
Your bro

Awesomecalls Member

Aj your room is a total success congrats. We are all making serious coin. Thanks bro

Awesomecalls Member

Hi Aj,

I've joined AC chat room since last week Monday actually. I'm truly happy that I made the move as I've experienced other chat rooms.
Like very much the pre market plan with short/ long all layout. Your calls & price targets really amazes me. I'm more inspired that you trade without the aid of EMA or lines drawn like many examples in trading books or other trader.
Thank you very much Boss.


Awesomecalls Member


I'm overwhelmed by how quickly the room has embraced me. I feel like I've been here for months, not less than 2 weeks. I have told several people about "my new room" and the same adjectives keep popping up when I describe how it makes me feel: energized, excited, anxious for the next trading day to begin, etc. My 18-year old son told my daughter (she just returned from a month long college program) "you should see Mom, she's so into her new room; she's like a different person...and there's this crazy guy who's screaming all the time!" (Thought that last part was pretty funny.)

Your energy is infectious and your talent is phenomenal. I am already learning so much. I am honored that you see so much potential in me and will work hard to live up to your expectations. I also feel that I will become greater with your help. Thank you for granting me the discount; it is icing on the cake and much more than a "tiny gesture".

I will continue to let others know about the room and hopefully it will result in new subs. In the meantime, I'll keep tweeting. I'm looking forward to being back in the room tomorrow and making more money.

Now it's time to get in the boat and cruise over to Westshore Cafe. Hope your day is equally as fabulous. Enjoy your beautiful wife and son.

Best, Katie

Adam B
Awesomecalls Member

AJ -

Just want to send you a note of thanks. I very much appreciate your room, the moderators, and how you run it. I have been a professional trader since 2001 with periods of good, bad, and even great success. Experience only goes so far - you guys are my screen for new ideas and things to look at all day long. You and the rest of the mods generate hundreds of ideas throughout the day that are worth a look - really has been AWESOME! The group is also a fantastic second opinion / sanity check to boost my confidence to increase size - or even skip some ideas.

Most critically for me - you reminded me how important it is to DATE positions and not own them. I had been taking a few dings riding things too long as we went into this volatile period. That was when I almost left the room. I have since shed those hangups and have been making money every day since. While the room might only count for a fraction of my trades - it has helped realign my style with the current market and that has made all the difference.

anyway - we get too busy during the day. just wanted to send that off to you. Outside of the room I am actively trading several thousand option contracts a day across a few hundred symbols with my long time trading partner (we are not market makers anymore - these are prop volatility bets). I try to chat things I see - but man when it is busy - it really is busy these days.

see you in the room tomorrow.

thanks again


Andy B
Awesomecalls Member

You have a great room. You and all the mods feed off each other and people like me can learn by just watching. I am appreciative of every thing that goes on in the room. I am nowhere near where I want to be as a trader but it is a process. My biggest mistake is entry points and getting shook out. I have just learned to pick and choose because there is too much going on in the room. I am here for the long run and I will get this under control and be a good trader. I owe this to you he helpful mods.


Awesomecalls Member

Just wanted to say Thank You! All 3 of my accounts are Green today for the first time ever.
I'm listening to some good Christian music at work and just giving thanks I found someone as passionate, positive and motivating as you. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the knowledge you bring everyday. I'm seeing unbelievable progress in my trading.
My wife is gonna give me that extra money soon after I keep proving I can make it with you! I have no dought I will!

Have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to do it all over again on Monday.


Awesomecalls Member

Hi Aj,

I hope you are well.I wrote my yelp review over the weekend.Sorry I got delayed as was out of country and taking care of wife ( expecting second one) on return.
Will be out of room as going to Dallas for Aunts open heart surgery for a week..will try to log in as often as I can.
Aj I lost everything including the roof over my head and lived in inlaws basement for a year....you have given me the hope and money to start my life back ....yes even though I'm a doctor but I gave it up for trading because it gives me freedom though I love medicine too......So aj you mean lots to lots of ppl like me....gathering my life and restarting.....and no im not some wild man but yes I became a sheep in other rooms....so thanks for being considerate to me....and looking out for me....im proud to be amongst first in your room....and now that im back trading hope to see you an old grandpa trading ?.

Thanks again friend,

John C.
Awesomecalls Member


I can see the hand writing on the wall for me. I have made a lot of strides in the 4 months trading. I won't go into details of the ways I have improved and I am no where near where I want to be but I do see it. It is because of you and your crew. All in all I am close to being even for the 4 months which is fine because I know what I do wrong and am working to improve. For instance, yesterday I was in the green almost $3000 just to give most back by over trading. I am not upset because I know what I did and I will get better.

I am very happy to be a part of this and will continue to share how I am doing in the room and Twitter.

Trading is all I think about these days because I am still new and learning. I look forward to the coming years and finding my own trading style. I am 6 months away from being able to use my retirement. I will probably be a trader who works in the morning, go play golf or tennis and be back for Power Hour. At least that is what I hope to be.

All this is possible because of you and your mods.

Big Thanks!

Heritage C.
Awesomecalls Member

Thanks to you and your crew I have been able to make some money in the market. You come up with enough info for me to make money without me ever having to try to find my own stocks. The info you get is credible compared to what I tried to get on my own before joining room. I am sure I am like many in your room who rely 100% on what you say and do.

My goal is to be able to average $2500 a week for starters. This amount lets me hand my golf business over to an employee to run. I am trying to do this by the end of the year. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it is the number I need to be a full time trader. I enjoy trading more than I thought I would and it is because of you and your teachings.

To this date I am virtually even. I made quite a bit on some swings that I use in one of my retirement accounts. I have made money 3 times on NBG alone by buying 10,000 15,000 shares a $1 and selling at $1.20 to $1.25. It is easy money. Now with my daily trades I have not done as well. I make money almost daily on some things which I always seem to give it back and more before the close. I need to get a number in mind and when I hit it, I should be done for the day but I can't stop trading. I don't want to stop. I want continue to make money.

I really like the scalp trading. Seems to me it is a fairly safe method of trading. I am starting to trade with more size which means my confidence is growing. Mt patience is improving but my discipline needs work.

I am going to find my way and style but have a long way to go. As long as you guys keep coming up with the trade ideas I will slowly get more confident and all aspects will improve.

Looking forward to tomorrow and to hear what news you are going to tell.

If you keep on teaching, I will keep on learning and this will become my full time job by years end.

Thanks, Andy

Manvir D.
Awesomecalls Member

Thank You AJ.
You are so blessed. You are just amazing. I see your webinars and I can't believe how beyond great you are and how much you care for everyone. I feel like finally I have hope 🙂


Hi AJ,

Thanks for all of your help in becoming a better trader, it is incredible how much I have learned since being in the room, I started trying to make $100 to $200 a day and this last month has been incredible. Last week was my best at 7.8K and this week in two days I'm already up 6K, I'm loving in. The room is really SIIIIIIIIIICK!! Thanks again, I can't thank you enough.


P&L Gaspar

Paul C.

Your the most genuine person I ever had the pleasure of trading with, this past 2 months I slowly tried working my way into trading full time, I have been in the game since I was 17, I'm 26, lost a lot but like yourself I am a sponge. And now I truly feel like I have found my home. I got rid of all my other noise yesterday after getting hosed for 3000$ on GLUU..... And it's because I didn't listen to you. But I was distracted by other noise. Then I made a promise to myself yesterday that I was going to get rid of the noise and truly learn how to succeed. I feel more confident everyday and I am not one to get shaken out by moves but I sometimes have the wrong bias, that's where I feel you truly help me. My mindset is changing. And it's truly because of you, not because of this guy. Imagine if I had not gotten rid of alerts.

Andy B

AJ, I really like the room. I am learning. I am making mistakes and losing some but I will learn. I get in too late and get out too early. I need more patience. Not sure if you got my previous email about Barry but he is an asset to you and the room. He has been writing me and helping me out with info. I appreciate you, the room and moderators.


Awesomecalls Member

Thank you everyone at Awesome Calls! I just wanted to say you guys are the best. AJ is so incredibly smart, and helpful, and honest, & a great teacher. I am so happy I joined his trading room. He is funny, articulate, open and sincere, on top of his game, ahead of the curve, entertaining, fun, and incredibly tuned in to the market. I can't thank you guys enough for creating this wonderful environment to have fun, learn a ton and earn a living on top of that!

Awesomecalls Member

Aj!!! 2nd day in the Room the pre market notes aré helping me so much on how stocks react to certain news and how big or small the gaps are and how the stock will respond the fundamental aspect you bring to us cuts the learning curve so much for new traders like me, thanks!!! Did 1 paper trade today and had to go work, super busy day just got a chance to email you but shorted GILD after It went under yesterday's low at 92.74 avg and covered at 87.30 hit my profit stop! Really appreciate what you do happy holidays for you and your family!! In 2015 one of my resolutions is to become a really good trader and consistently make money so I can trade all day and not have to work my real job lol also hope to meet you later on in the 2015 once I'm profitable!! Probably not trading for the rest of the year but will study a lot! Happy holidays Aj!

Awesomecalls Member

Please allow me to start off by saying thank you for all that you do. Over the last month it has become obvious that you are in this for more than the monthly subscription fee. Your conviction and commitment to the success of your subscribers is apparent every single day. I am new to this chess game called stock trading and though I have had my struggles and have yet to be green, I am learning more every day. Part of my challenge has been the PDT and I recognize that. The old adage, it is what it is holds true for that but I am learning and that's a good thing. Your a good man and some day my wife and I would love to buy you and your wife dinner as a token of our appreciation. (It's the least I could do).

Keep up the great work!

Awesomecalls Member

Another inspiring/informational/amazing webinar going on right now #AwesomeCalls, there's one every damn day, and they are just SICK

Awesomecalls Member

AJ, This is my second week in this trading room. I am new in trading and started my journey at the end of August in two other trading rooms. It was such a wast of time and money! What can I say? I am down 15K by making lots of mistakes and had no one to learn from or guide me through the trades. I am very happy with last week’s results as I did not loose. I made some money than I gave it back. I went through my trades and realized that I was chasing stocks, and going back to the same stocks… Today I made $1100 trading RGLS. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will gain my confidence back and will be able to recoup my losses and make much more $$$ for my 3 beautiful girls. I really want to succeed and will do whatever it take. Thank you for all your hard work, patience, and dedication. You are just amazing mentor with a big personality. I am so blessed by finding this trading room. It is True Awesomeness!!!!

Awesomecalls Member

@AjTrader7 joining your room was the best choice I could've made. Next step learn to understand the stocks, and call out where it's heading.

Awesomecalls Member

The amount of knowledge you get by watching Awesomecalls trade through out the day is incredible. Follow his moves to learn about day trading.


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