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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 9/5/17


1) $LOW BofA Tags a BUY rating and ups the PT to $95 (74.65)
Stock Gapping +.50 would take some here at $75.25 room to $74 at the open look for this to have a nice move owards $80+ today on this call.

2) $CDZI announce California Senate set aside AB1000 (9.70)
Stock Gapping +$3.50 I would actually lean into this SHORT here at $13 look for an pop at open towards $14+ as ridicolous, I think this will end up just gap filling back to $10.50 and under, this is good news but up on this air right now, so be wary of the SHORT after the intial pop at open.

3) $APOP FDA grants Orphan Drug (9.13) Really???? Up on thin air
Stock gaping up +$5 I would actually take a few SHORT here at $13 room to add at the open, be patient with it But in the end I think this just gap fills back to $10.50- or lower by end of the day, so watch for the pop and lower lows to set in and look to fade this news

4) $XOMA Interesting Wedbush Tags a BUY Rating with $19PT from $9 (11.18)
Stock gaping up +$1.10 I like the call but need this pop to gap fill back to $11.50 area or under before going LONG I think this may pop at open to $13-$13.50 on thin volume then LOOK for this to gap fill back to $11.50 area or under, bottom curl then nice slow all day move with volume back to Pre-Market highs

5) $JUNO Wells Fargo ups a BUY rating with $54PT from $35 (41.92) Stock is gapping down on CLLS NEWS
Stock gaping down -$1.92 I actually would consider picking up on this weakness here some LONG at $40 room to add on any pullback at the open I think this runs at open thru $42 on a pop then gives back some to $40 and under, this weill be very interesting on the pop and drop and the open then let it set in and go LONG on it.

6) $INSM Up HUGE on Positive Phase 3 Data (12.29) This will do an offering possibly today but make no mistake before Friday No doubt
Stock gaping up +$16 I think this actually may pop even MORE at open possibly to $30 I would take a few SHORT just a few small nibble here at $29 room to add at open (Be patient), look for the short squeeze pop at open then look for a nice $3-5point downside move on it, if you want to really nail the SHORT on it then look for $26 and the area it needs to break, BUT no matter what look for an offering

7) $CLLS Receives Clinical Hold from FDA on Phase 1 studies (32.18) Watch for a possible push at open thru $24-$25
Stock gaping down -$10 I would prefer this to pull more or sell off just a little bit more at open below $20 if it comes watch for shorts to cover very soon, they could just do it at open, This is a Phase 1 plenty of opportunity for them to fix their issues, I think this being down -$10pts actually creates a BUYING opportunity, Wells Tagged a BUY rating and upped to $40 PT prior to this hold, could pop quick

8) $ORMP Gaping up on successful meeting with FDA (8.39) REALLY? I had a successfu meeting with someone when I had lunch the other day
Stock gaping UP +$1.50 I would just look to short this gap up back to $8.50 or under, if this sells off watch for it, it will do it quick then maybe bottom curl then go LONG on it, other then that, I would consider any pop on this at the open as a slow all day sell off.

9) MZOR Gaping down on CLLS News (49.23)
Stock gaping down -$3 I would actually go long some here at $46 and room to add on any pullback at the open if it comes look for this to gap fill back thru $48.50+ at the open, I think many will buy on this weakness but need to see how it pops at open, any pullback at the open imo watch for the bottom curl then go long for a point or 2 on this

10) $SWKS Citi Tags a BUY rating and ups the PT to $125 (105.57)
Stock Gaping up+ $1.50 I like the call so watch for this to possibly pop at open thru $108.50-$110 then give back a few at the open back to $106 and under on any pullback on it and look for this to have a nice bottom curl and slow all day move back to $110-$112+ today

Notable Calls:

$BLPH Positive Phase 2 Clinical Data (1.13) Gaping up .20 I actually would take a few here at $1.30 I think if we get some decent volume on this today we could get room to $1.50-$2+ on this, I really want to see how it opens, if solid pop look for a decent gap fill short on it.


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