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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 9/20/17

1) $ALNY Phase 3 MET its Primary Endpoints and ALL secondary endpoints (75.04)
Stock gapping up +$20 I definitely would like to see this touch thru $100 at the open then look for a decent 4-6pt pullback on it then watch for curl then back to highs, IF this pops and lower lows set in quick and cannot break out because this is phase 3 it could drop back to $88 and under so let it set up its already made a huge move this morning

2) $HMNY exchange agreement with 445k shares thats nothing (5.70)
Stock gapping down -$1.30 I would buy on the weakness at $4.50 area look for this to pop at open possibly thru $5.75-$6 at the open, then look for the pullback on it for .50-$1, then look for bottom curl then go long. If it pops aggressive at open and lower lows set in then look to fade it all day

3) $BBBY Issues weak guidance (27.03)
Stock gaping down -$3 this should get hurt today, investors have had it, I would prefer to see some short covering at the open to $25-$26+ on it if it comes then scale in SHORT and fade it alllllllllll day long, if this pulls hard at open to $21 area play the 2-4point bounce on it then revisit the short, this should be fund today

4) $IGT BofA Tags a BUY rating with $30PT from $24 (22.45)
Stock gapping none I like the call so look for this to open around $23.50-$24 then look for the gap fill sell off pullback to $22.50 and under then look to go LONG on it, let this set up but if this pops hard at open then eye the SHORT on it to gap fill it quick, if this pulls at open to $22 and under GO LONG for all day slow move to the upside

5) $IONS gaping down on $ALNY positive Phase 3 (59.07)
Stock gapping up +$5 I would look to buy some long here at $54 give it some room on the pullback on it if it comes being ALNY is double IONS this gives IONS investors a possible discount on the stock, if this pulls hard at open to $52 and under look to grab some long on the bottom curl and nail it for -2-4pts on the bounce

6) $ADBE Earnings disappointment (156.60)
Stock gapping down -$5 Seeing notes all morning saying to BUY on weakness, so this is what I see, watch for a pull at open to possibly $149-$150 level nibble some long and look for a re bound back to $154+ more it pulls at open if it does more people will come and buy the weakness, if this pops at open chase a few to $154-$155 level before considering any kind of SHORT on it

7) $GIS Earnings Miss and Guidance (55.38)
Stock gapping down -$4 I like to see this pull more at open possibly into $49-$50 area then look for a clean bounce on it for 2-3pts then look to reshort it, if this pops at open look for $54 as the top on it on the short covering then lean into this short

8) $WDC Toshiba having 3rd and 4th and 5th thoughts (89.92)
Stock gapping down -$4 I like to see this be bough up on weakness, so if this pulls at open at all look for the $82-$83 area as the bounce are for sure on this, If this pops at open and sets in on higher highs walk it back up to $88 a share, I would prefer the pull and sell off at the open then look to go long the stock

9) $GEMP “Plans” to advance its product into Phase 3 (9.65) Really I plan to eat dinner later tonight too, not sure if I’ll be hungry
Stock gapping up +$1.75 I simply would love a huge pop at open then look to sell it off and gap fill this back to $10 and under, I just don’t see why this is up so much, if this pops and flags look for $12+ spot before it begins to fade imo

10) $KPTI reports Phase 2 study portion of the Seal Study (10.52)
Stock gapping up +$1.50 I like to see this pop at open towards $12.50-$13 then look to fade this back to $11 and under. I just don’t see this holding up on this news so look for the pop and fade on it imo

Notable Calls:

$HTGM receives 2 new patents (1.84) gapping up +.30 think chatrooms pick this up and run it so watch for a possible aggressive pop at open towards $3 spot then lets see how it sets up from their, I actually would love to have fun with this one today its cheap and a former runner

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