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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 9/14/17

1) $NUE Citi Tags a BUY rating with $65 PT (53.60)
Stock Gapping up +.80 I love the call on this beaten down stock would even consider taking a few here long at $54.35 area room to add on the gap fill pullback looking for this to touch $55-$56+ today on this call. This will move on CITI upgrade

2) $RARE Wedbush tags up almost 3 notches on this stock with a $62PT (49.79)
Stock Gapping none, I like to see this pop at open to $51+ then look for a decent gap fill pullback to $50.50 or under scale in LONG look for an all day slow move to $52-$53 on this upgrade

3) $THC May be consider sale of assets or company (16.24) Really, Really I may be considering eating eggs for breakfast
Stock gaping up +$1.50 ANY pop at open would consider a SHORT and gap fill this back to $16.50 and under, Citi put out a note and keeps a $16PT on it and says that this is unlikely to happen!

4) $HTZ Getting downgraded by Morgan Stanley puts a $14PT on the stock from $12 (23.93) Want an all day fader on this call
Stock gaping down -$1.40 I love the call, I think we possibly see $20 today on this call, so with that said, Wait for the standard pop at open on short covering due to the gap down then scale in SHORT would love to get anything above $23 as a starter then watch for lower lows then look for an all day bleeder on this call.

5) $CAR getting hit on the $HTZ call from Morgan Stanley (37.82)
Stock gaping down -$1.50 I like to see a pop at open slow towards $37.50 on the gap fill, remember MS is pushing down $HTZ not CAR so my mindest it gap fill first then potential fade off, However if this pulls hard at open to $34 area GO LONG play the nice bounce on it for +$1-$1.50pts

6) $GKOS Missing on Guidance (41.33)
Stock gaping down -$4 I like to see a pop at open towards $38-$39 on gap fill short covering the watch for topping then look for an all day fader on it, if this yanks and pulls at open to $35 area or under look to go long on it and play a nice bounce for 2-3pts

7) $UNFI Earnings Beat (37.21)
Stock gaping up +$2.50 I like the beat on this, would be great to see a little more pop at open thru $40-$41 then look for this to have a little profit taking on it back down to $38.50 or under, just wait for this to set itself up at the open, Higher it pops better the short for us, if this pulls at all we nail a nice 2-3pt bounce to the upside

8) $HALO enters collaboration with BMY receives $105 Million upfront WOW!!! (13.18)
Stock gaping up +$2.10 I like this a lot, so lets see if we can pop it more at open possibly thru $16-$16,50 if we do look for this to top off and then slow slow fader on it, this is what I want to see back down to $14 and under, If this sets ups lower lows at the open then this will just fade off. Watch for the set up at the open

9) $ALV Intent to create separate companies (113.25) Really Really I have the intent to eat a doughnut later!!! Not sure if I will
Stock gaping up +$12 I would love love to fade this all the way back to $115 and under, so IF this pop more at the open watch the topping on it then look for slow fader for 4-6 pts to the downside. I like the news but thing its vague and should come back down to earth

10) $EFX Multiple downgrades but seeing all around $115 consider more sell off today imo (98.99)
Stock Gaping down -.30 I like to see a pop at open then look for a nice topping then all day fader to more lows towards $95 level or lower, if this pulls at open hard to $94-$95 play the bounce this is scalp trade only imo

Notable Calls:

$ALDX Cowan upgrades the stock to $14 from $7 another day another gap up, let this pop at open then look to fade it back to $6.50 and under then look to go LONG on it for an all day slow move to the upside


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