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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 9/13/17

1) $ALDX Cantor has come out with a NEW Price target of $27 from $12 on this (5.65)
Stock Gapping up +.80 very cool, watch for a pop at open like yesterday probably thru $7.25++ or possibly even more wait for the standard pullback on it to $6 and under on profit taking and then look for a possible all day slow move to the upside towards $8

2) ****$WLL Morgan Stanley has come in and tagged a Underweight with $3.50 PT (4.44)
Stock Gapping down -.04 Take some SHORT here at $4.40 with room to add on ANY pop at the open look for an all day bleeder on this, once this sets in to fade would even consider even more size, this is going to get hurt on this call today!

3) $BVXV Gaping up +20% still can’t locate news as to why? (6.67)
Stock gaping up +$2 I would be looking to SHORT this today back to $7.25 or lower, not sure why this is even up, so if you can locate shorts allow this to pop stupid at the open look to top it off then look for a lower lows to set in and then fade it down.

4) $AMAT Goldman Sachs Tags a BUY rating with $52PT (45.65)
Stock gaping up +.65 would take a few here LONG at $46.3 area wait for the gap fill pullback then look to add then look for a slow all day move towards $48 on this call, If this pops at open towards the $48 mark sell into it then short the gap fill then go long

5) $SQM BofA Tags a BUY rating from Neutral $65PT from $49 (52.20)
Stock gaping up $1.40 Love the call and its BofA hence why its up and in play, Look for a pop at open thru $54++ then watch for topping then quick gap fill short pullback on it to $52.50 or under then look for an all day slow move to the upside on it

6) **$CNC to acquire the assets of Fidelis (90.88)
Stock gaping up +$7 I would love to short this here at $97 room to $99 at the open look for a nice quick gap fill pullback to $93 area or under if this pulls hard at the open look for a flush on it close to yesterdays $91 spot on the gap then look to go LONG on it. Should be a quick play keep an eye on it.

7) $JWN reporting company may be going private AGAIN!!! (45.05)
Stock gaping up +$3.50 IMO any pop at open to me this should be a short right back to $46 area or under, This is the 10th time this year they have spoken of going private, so if this pops at open hard let it push then short it, if this pulls at open chase some to $46 either way I think this just comes back home

8) $CLVS Phase 3 publication of Data (70.61)
Stock gaping up +$2 I like to see this pop a little more at the open to $74+ then watch for topping then short it back down to $71.50 and under then look to go long on it after the gap fill, if this pulls at all at the open below $70 watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it.

9) $WDC Toshiba looking at other offers signs MOU with Bain Capital OUCH!!! (88.78)
Stock gaping down -$2.78 I like to grab a few long (small) here at $86 room to add at the open pull to $84 look for a 2-3pt rebound on the stock, if this yanks hard at the open $84 is your target watch for bottom curl then go long, this should recover and fill its gap but watch for the set up like yesterday when it pulled.

10) $CBRL Interesting stock today Mixed (148.42)
Stock Gaping down .10 1mm had it at $152. 2 ways to play this If this pops at all at the open to $150-$152 area short it back down, I think in the end this gets hurt some and we see a nice pull or fade on it to $145 or under. They issued downside guidance on this , this morning so I’m thinking cause of lack of volume no direction yet, but I would be eyeing the short on it.

Notable Calls:

$OPNT Looking for a nice rebound today on this. (36.00) Gaping up +$4 on NO volume, wait for a pull at open then look for bottom curl around the $36-$37 area grab a few and look for a nice move towards the $40-$42+ spot should be fun.

$M Reacting to JWN news (22.22) LOL what a joke! Any pop at the open look to short this back down to $22.40 and under higher it pops at the open better the short for us, so watch for it to pop and fade on this.

$FOLD imo this stock just pops and fades this normally can’t hold its gains regardless of news so be careful trying to go long with size

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