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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 8/7/17

1) $CBI BofA Tags a SELL Rating and $14PT form $17 (16.97) last time d/g stock got hurt
Stock gapping down -.05 would scale in a few SHORT with room to add at the open to $17.50 I think any pop at open will be followed by a nice all day short on it, so watch for the lower lows to set in and nail it for an all day fade

2) $TEVA Morgan Stanley Tags a $16PT on this (20.60) *got a late lame FDA approval for 2018 won’t help them today
Stock gapping down -.50 I would take some short at $20.20 with room to add at open to $21 area I think this will end up fading all day long a lot of negative out their on this, with this MS PT I think we see $18 and under today.

3) $ZYNE Phase 2 miss (15.06)
Stock gapping down -8.50 2 ways to play this, I would actually consider taking a few LONG at $6.50 with wide range room to $5.50 don’t go huge but I think once we get the small pop at open I think we can run this thru $8-$8.50+ i believe once we get in the 5’s Fresh Buyers will come in and Shorts will begin to cover, I like this play but we need to see the open

4) $EROS Company is in says they are in talks to sell their Library to $AAPL (8.20)
Stock gapping up +$2 I like to see this pop at open towards $12 then possible top off then potential fade the news, if this begins to pop and lower lows set in look to fade this all the way back to $9 and under. lets see how it reacts remember their saying the company is in talks doesn’t say AAPL is committed to do anything I think this is just noise to get the stock back up imo….

5) $GEMP Top Line Data results #Failed (18.66)
Stock gapping down -$7.10 I like to see this have a small pop at open towards $13-$14 then look for an all day fader on it, if this pulls at open to $10 and under scale in long for a nice slow all day move to the upside, more it pulls this will rebound so nibble as it starts to make its move. I like it to pop and short cover would be the what I am looking for, harder the pull better the range to the upside

6) $HZNP Earnings Beat and Guidance (12.70)
Stock gapping up +1.40 $HZNP tends to sell off their gaps so lets see if this pulls at open and dumps to $13.25 and under then bottom curl it and we go long for all day slow move back to highs, if this pops at open which I like that idea look for a $15.50-$16 top then scale in SHORT on it should give you a nice fade

7) $MYOK Positive Top Line Phase 2 (17.15) this is phase 2 traders
Stock gapping up +$6 I like to see this pop at open a little more if we can with some volume behind it and let it run to $24.50-$25.50 before giving back some, if this pulls at open let it flush out to $20 and under then watch the bottom curl then go long, Phase 2 normally runs so also look for potential afternoon upgrades on the stock, this is up quite a bit so we have range just wait for the set

8) $AAOI Stock has range to play lets see how we play it today (64.60)
Stock gapping down -$.70 I like to see this pop at open and rush towards $66 at the open or more if we get it, BUT….IF this at all pulls at open towards $60-$61….Get in their with a few and go LONG and play the 3-5pt bounce, stock has range so this should be a fun day today. I think this has the potential to go all the way down to $55 or under imo….

9) $TSN Earnings Beat (63.30)
Stock gapping up +$2 $TSN typically sells off their gains on earnings so any pop at open towards $66 I would lean into it short I’m looking for this to gap fill back to $64 and under on profit taking then watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside

10) $MAR Collaboration with BABA (105.02)
Stock Gaping up +$5.50 I would short this pop at $110 look to fade this back to $106.50 and under then look to go LONG if this pops again at open watch the 110 level to short, if this pulls go LONG at $105.50 and under should have range today

Notable Calls:

$COL possible chatter news (119) Gaping up +$7 I would lean into this short at $128 level and look to gap fill this back to $121-$122 think this is just noise any pop at open add into your short give it room to $130

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