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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/7/17

1) $DGLY wins patent case (3.25)
Stock gapping up +$2 SHORT this, DGLY always always always gives up their gaps, If this pops at open at all just scale in SHORT and ride this down to at least $3.75 and lower, bag holders have no patience on this stock and will do everything to dump it so watch for lower lows to set in quickly after any initial pop this is like GLYC yesterday imo

2) $VSTM another possible day in on it already gaping up (3.45)
Stock gapping up +.20 I like to see this pop at open then look for a nice rug pull at the open I will be eyeing a nice bottom curl with volume to see if this gets going today. If this pulls at open hard let it flush out then play the .50-$1pt bounce on it should be fun when and if volume kicks in

3) $CHKE Earnings disaster (7.75) This is like TAHO yesterday
Stock gapping down -$2 I would actually buy this here at $5.80 with room to add at open to $5 if it pulls hard and look to bounce this back to $6.50-$6.75+ before topping off then get in their short. I think this will fade or grind to the lower side after the initial SHORT covering squeeze.
4) $ARNA JMP Securities Tagsa BUY rating with $27PT (17.99)
Stock gapping up +.90 on NO volume (note the $18.86) at least we know where it wants to go. Wait for this to pop at open, if this pops thru $19-$19.50+ area look to get in short with it then gap fill this back to $18.20 and under then take a few and play this to $20+ on it. I think this will get going once the initial pop hits then pulls back bottom curl slow move to the upside
5) $SNCR evaluating strtagic alternatives (15.86)
Stock gapping up +$1 Typically SNCR fill their gap before longing so watch any pop at open if it comes to $17.50-$18.50- then look to short it and fade it back to $16-$16.25 and under before taking long, if this pulls at open to same area watch for bottom curl then slow all day move to the upside
6) $AFSI partners with Premia Holdings covers loss + development up to 400mil of reserves (14.76)
Stock gapping up +$2 News is nice but I will be eying the short side of this, so any pop at open watch for it if it hits $17-$17.50 look to short it if this pulls at open and lower lows set in look to get in a few and short it for a nice gap fill to $15.50 or lower think this will gap fill some.

7) $YUMC Gaping up after getting wrecked yesterday (34.95)
Stock gapping up +.80 I think this continues to rebound some, so any pop at open I would look to scale in SHORT on it if it hits $35.75-$36.50+ look to short that then gap fill back to $34.50 area or lower watch for bottom curl then scale in a few LONG stock has range yesterday came of +$2.5 off the bottom (one to watch)
8) $AAOI The guarantee paycheck (61.47)
Stock gapping up +$1 watch for a nice pop at open to $63-$64 area if it comes, top it off then short it quick for a nice gap fill pullback to $61 area then look to scale in LONG and play a nice 2-3pt bounce on it.
9) $PBYI complets enrollment (86.45)
Stock gapping up +$2 on NO volume I would like to see this pop at open and then gap fill quick back to $86.65 area or under then take some long and look for an all day slow move to the upside back to $88-$89+
10) $CLB will replace Panera Bread in S&P 400(98.11)
Stock Gaping up +$3 would take a few short here at $101+ area room to $103 at the open then gap fill it short to $99.50 area or lower then look to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside

Notable Calls:

$GLBS gaping up +.40 on earnings one to watch this could get going and pop at open so watch for any pop towards $1.75-$2+ earnings were very good then look for it to settle come down a few then look to go long, if this pulls at open hard to $1.40 area consider taking a few long here see if it bottom curls

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