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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/14/17

1) $ACIA Lowers guidance WOW see the numbers this will be gutted today (41.62)
Stock gapping down -$2 imo any short covering pop at the open is a SHORT imo this will see $35 and lower, the numbers are horrific to say the least this should be “game over” If anything thru $41-$41.50 consider it a XMAS gift

2) $HIMX Oppenheimer Cuts the PT to $4 from $8 (8.01) all day SHORT
Stock gapping down -.25 I would scale in now take a few SHORT at $7.75 room to add on any pop and look for an all day fader to lows. I like to see this touch $6.50 and lower today should be fun

3) $ATEN Lowers Guidance (8.24)
Stock gapping down -$1.75 2 ways take a few LONG here at $6.65 add on dips to $6 at then open look to gap fill this back to $7.25-$7.50 then top it off then all day fader, IF this pulls at open to $6 and under play a nice solid 1 point bounce on it.,

4) $PIXY I like this today, gaped up a few looking for possible $12+ on it (10.32)
Stock gapping up +.08 I will be eyeing ANY sell off today on it maybe get luck at pick some up at $9.50 or under I think today we see a nice slow move to $11.50-$12 on it, one I will be watching for sure

5) $NTNX Goldman Sachs tags a conviction BUY with $31PT (20.27)
Stock gapping up +$2 I like small pop at the open on this followed by a nice gap fill sell off to $20.50 and under if it come or lower then bottom curl on it then all day long to the upside, any pop imo at the open should be a nice sell off fade, think they bought into this yesterday

6) $EXEL Sun Trust tags a BUY rating tags a $33PT (26.58)
Stock gapping up +.40 would take a few LONG here at $26.90 area room to add on any pull back at the open looking for a nice solid move to $27.50-then short it and fade it back on gap fill to $27 and under.

7) $CYBR issues downside guidance (51.00) SHORT will cover at the open…IMO
Stock gapping down -$10 I would pick some up LONG at $41.75 area and any pull at open, I like to see this short cover squeeze at the open to $45+ on it, then watch it top off then look for an all day slow move to the downside. Scale in DO NOT PLAY with size, this will bounce but you need this to feel it out, If you see $40 and under the open size in and play a nice 3-4pt bounce on it.

8) $FSC signs agreement with OAK (4.67)
Stock gapping up +$1 I like this to pop a little more at the open possible to $6+ then watch for topping on it then look for possible fade on it, Higher it pops at open better the slow fade back to $4.90 on the gap fill. I will be watching lower lows on it see if it sets up that way then look for the fade

9) $PANW will get hurt on the CYBR numbers (141.00)
Stock gapping down -$3 on NO volume, I think this will pull quick then buy fast pop it back to $140 then scale in SHORT for an all day fader on it, let this set up, I think this no volume gap will fill first then fade, if this pulls at open hard to $135 area go LONG play a nice 3-4pt bounce on it

10) $WMT Goldman Tags a BUY rating with $84PT (75.05)
Stock Gaping up +$1.17 I like to see this pop a little more at the open then watch for lower lows on it lean into it short gap fill it back to $75.25 area then look to go LONG on it. If this pops at open to $77+ short it and gap fill it before leg up on it
Notable Calls:

$ARNA Gaping up +.50 cents look for continuation on this on its way to $26-$27
$ALDR Favorable mention on Mad money look of this to continue to the upside to $13-$14

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