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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/8/17

1) $LJPC I love SHORTING this stock, today will be bloodbath on JPM cutting PT to $20 from $36 (32.07)
Stock Gaping down -$3.50 Now in order for us to nail this lets wait for this to get squeezed at the open if it comes I am looking for $30.50-$31+ area to begin scaling in with size, Hard to start position being down 3pts already, IF this pulls hard at open look for a $25 spot for shorts to come in and cover, play it long and quick for a few points. WAIT FOR THIS TO SET UP!!!

2) $AOBC WOW!!! Did you see the report this is a $10 stock!!! (14.93)
Stock Gaping down -$2.50 I do NOT care what this pops at open too this is a SHORT so if they cover at open look for a move thru $13+ they cut guidance in half HORRIBLE more it pops at open better the SHORT for us. If this pulls hard at open look for the $11 spot area and we go long play a nice 1pt or more bounce then we gut it all day fader

3) $GLBS Earnings Beat (1.41)
Stock gaping up +.50 on decent beat, Problem is most tankers will sell off all their morning gains, so imo I would watch the short side of this one, so I would let the sheep chase the stock towards $2.50 if it comes then look for this to top off and watch for the stock to give back all the way to $1.55 and lower imo.

4) $STDY Receives final mins from FDA on work to resubmit (3.10) Really…Really I’m watching my final minutes of TV
Stock gaping up +1.20 To me this is a pop and fade, higher it pops at the open just watch for the pull below $4 and its on, all day fader back to $3.20 or lower, This to me is so stupid, but if they chase it out of the gate, let them cause in the end this will fade back.

5) $RGEN Citi Tags a BUY rating with $45PT (34.58)
Stock gaping up NONE watch for the open to $36 or a little more scale in SHORT gap fill it back to $34.70 or under then watch for bottom curl and go long, if this at all opens at $34.70 or under go LONG should give us all a few points to the upside.

6) $ROKU Standard Gap POP and pull then another day to $45 (42.62)
Stock gaping up +.80 I would love to see this pop a little more at the open to $43.50+++ then scale in SHORT for quick flush to $42 area then bottom curl then let it rip back to $44.50-$45 before settling down like yesterday.

7) $CLDR Earnings Beat ($16.00)
Stock Gaping up +$1.30 I like the beat so watch for a quick pop at open maybe we get room to $18 on it scale in SHORT gap fill this back to $16.25 or under on profit taking then we go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside. If this sells off at open to same area on profit taking to same area then look to go long on it.

8) ******IPO $DNLI Priced 14Mil at $18 a share Goldman MS JP Morgan Leads (18.00)
Stock gaping none. When this opens lets hope it gets and stays below $22 and under then we go LONG on this if this hits $25 play smaller over $30 we need to walk away. This is an oversubscribed IPO everyone wants this and it is already 1.7 billion Market Cap

9) $ALXN Elliot wants Changes (106.78) I want changes too like maybe Bitcoin to go to $10
Stock gaping +$10 I would lean into this short at $116 add on any pops and look for a 5-7 point gap fill. Should be fun filling the gap some then look to go long on it.

10) $OLED announce signing of long term agreement with BOE (167.35)
Stock gaping up +9 Points I would take a few short at $177 room to $179 at the open and look for this to gap fill back to $170 and under on profit taking. I like the news but the gap is up way to much and it needs to gap fill first before legging up

Notable Calls:

$DCIX This is gaping up on $GLBS (6.02) Gaping up +.80 I would lean into this short at $6.75 add on pops at open and gap fill this back to $6.10 or under. Should be fun and fast

$TELL 10 million Offering at $10 bucks. When this hits $10 or lower nibble some long have room to $9.50 should be fun on a small swing idea.

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