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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/28/17

1) $WATT Beautiful Trade on it today off the $21 bottom ROTH came in perfect with a $45PT (23.70) Called $25 from $17 yesterday
Stock Gaping down -$2.20 Would be buying the $21.50 area looking for a Pre-Market move thru $25 see at least $30 on the stock today so will watch it sell off at open or pullback on profit taking and watch the bottom curl on it for another leg up.

2) $DRAD sells Medical device and service contracts for $8 Million (2.25) I personally think this is negative for the company
Stock Gaping up +$1.00 I like to see a pop at open possibly back thru $3.50 maybe even $4 BUT I will be watching the lower lows to set in and look for an all day fader on it. This should give back most of these gains and gap fill back to $2.50 and under

3) $LIVE Earnings Beat (13.26) Typical LIVE always beat pop and sell off, surprised they didn’t put “blockchain” in there statement
Stock Gaping up +95% from yesterdays close. Would like this to squeeze a little more at open possibly thru $26-$28 then watch for topping then EXPECT a massive sell off and short to $15-$17 and under on this. LIVE typically cashes out quickly on any gap up so expect a nice sell off on this.

4) $ZKIN announce investment from BlockChain Crypto fund specialist NGST. (9.11) LOL this is STUPID
Stock Gaping up $8 to me this is soooooo stupid beyond words, this is up almost 100% on a small investment from someone who specializes in Crypto…so what! Ok with that said. ANY pop at open towards $20 spot watch for lower lows to set in and look for a nice short back to $11.50-$12.50 or under. IMO this has no reasons to be up like this, but let it rip and watch for the SHORT set up

5) $MARK Positive Barrons article (9.87)
Stock Gaping up +.50 I like to see this pop a little at open possibly thru $10.75+ then watch for a decent sell off and profit taking towards $10 and under, once $10 and under shows up start leaning into this LONG off the bottom then slow all day move to the upside.

6) $ICPT shifting guidance for announcement Phase 3 trial to 1q2018 (62.96)
Stock Gaping up +$1.05 I like to see small pop at open towards $65.50-$66 level if it comes followed by a nice sell off on it back down to fill the gap then look for bottom curl on it then take a few long for a slow all day move towards $66-$67 let this set up for us.

7) $OSTK #Bitcoin down alot so most of these stocks are going to get hit today for all day faders (67.85)
Stock Gaping down -$2.10 2 ways to play this, this pops a little at open towards $66.75+ area fills some of the gap then tops off then EXPECT an all day bleeder on this back to lows would like to see $60 or under on this today.

8) $LITE Gaping up nice about .50 cents looks like possible move to $52+ Today (50.05)
Stock Gaping up .50 would nibble some LONG here at $50.45 with room to add at the open to $49.50 then look for possible solid move to $52, we almost hit it yesterday I think today we do. Lets see how it pops and holds at open

9) $LFIN Gaping down on #Bitcoin (58.87)
Stock Gaping down -$3.00 would consider taking some short at $56 have wide range room to any pop at open think with #Bitcoin sliding below $14k we see this hitting $49 area or lower. Just keep an eye this could fall fast and hard. In the end I’m looking for a 10 point slide to the downside on this.

10) $JBHT Earnings Miss (115.47)
Stock Gaping down -$2 I like to see this slide at open and pull down to $110 and under then small bounce on it then look for possibly all day fader on it to $105 or under. If this pops at open even close to $114-$114.75 would scale in SHORT for a nice 3-5point shred on it

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