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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/27/17

1) $LFIN SHORT Gaping up on #Bitcoin (54.42)
Stock Gaping up +$4 most already missed it but the play was at $58 room to $60 at the open looking to flush it down gap fill it back to $53 wouldn’t be suprised if this sinks to $50 and below before the open. If it pulls hard watch for quick 1-2pt pop then it will run back another 3-4 pts then dump it, it will be quick and fun today

2) $WATT stock up 100% on what???? FCC certify’s for wireless charging LOL ok (8.84)
Stock Gaping up $10 POINTS would consider taking some short at $18.50 with room to add to $20 at open then look for a nice sell off on profit taking pullback at least 1/2 or $5 bucks then watch for push. At this point I would only consider going long if this pops thru $18 otherwise I would just pop it and fade it down back to $10-$11 on it.

3) $NVFY Introduce designer “based” on Blockchain Technology….LOL You cant make this stuff up anymore (2.51)
Stock Gaping up +.50 I would look for this to end up fading all the way back to $2.65 and under today so any pop at open let it push dont think it will last long then look to lean into it short, watch the lower lows to set in then look to fade it once the dip comes

4) $RIOT Gaping up BIG on #Bitcoin (31.22)
Stock Gaping up $2 would consider taking short at $33+ with room to add at open to $34-$34.50 look for this to gap fill if not even pull below yesterday close. RIOT tends to be very volitale at the open and NORMALLY gives back most of there gap up gains.

5) $SRPT Oppenheimer is Loving this stock today and issues a BUY rating with $76PT (56.51)
Stock Gaping up +.90 Normally SRPT likes to give back any gap ups on Analyst calls, so watch for a pop at open possibly to $58+ at the open then look to lean into it short and gap fill it back to $56.70 and under then look for bottom curl on it then consider going long for all day slow move to the upside. I like the call just wait for it to set up

6) $ROKU Gaping up on no news (54.87)
Stock Gaping up +$1.20 I would consider taking some short at $56 with room to add at open maybe get lucky and it pops a little higher then look for this to gap fill this back down to $55 an under wouldn´t be surprised we see $54 on it, lets see if it pulls at open then watch for bottom curl then back to highs on it.

7) $ATNX MHRA granted PIM designation for Oraxol in the treatment of paclitaxel-responsive cancers (16.70)
Stock Gaping up +1.15 THIN on just market makers, if this pops at all at open thru $18+ would begin scaling in short and look to gap fill this back to $17 and under, If this simply drops like a bucket at open look for complete gap fill quick to $16.75 and under then possible long on it back to Pre-Market highs wait for this to set up to nail it.

8) $LITE This got hit yesterday pretty big on AAPL news, I am watching for a rebound to $52 on this today (49.70)
Stock Gaping down none, I like to see if you can get some at $49.75 see if you get filled have room to $49 then look for this to pop at open possibly to $51+ maybe we get lucky and get $52 before it fades again, if this pulls at all in the $48 to me this will be a buying opportunity to play the bounce on it.

9) $OSTK This was an overnight short at $70 I told you all yesterday this would gap down it hit $68 for +2pts (69.20)
Stock Gaping down -$1.20 I like to see this small pop at open off the $68 let it push at open to $70-$71 then look for this to snap back and fade it back down to $67-$68 or under then look to go long on it. If this pulls at open WOW would love to $67 and under then watch for that bottom curl on it then look to go long on it.

10) $TSLA Elon tweets he promises pick up trucks after Model Y (317.29)
Stock Gaping down -$2 think this actually pops at open to $319-$320 then small pull back 2-3 pts then possible slow all day move to the upside. Lets see if we get the pop first at open and gap fill it back thru $317 then we can have some fun on it

Notable Calls:

$XNET Keep an eye on this was gaping up +$1 I like to see if this pops at open thru $15.50+ then watch for topping on it this tends to fill there gaps back down to $14 and under, higher this pops if it does better the sell off on the short side (14.23)

$DRYS gets some credit lines (3.36) watch for chasers at open if this pushes at open to $3.65+ this could rush to $4-$4.30 before coming back down. I think in the end this pops and fades on this news imo so be watchful of it on the short side.

$09:24 am rafael .: HZNP will be in play…FDA expands use of treatment for metabolic disorder

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