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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/22/17

1) $LJPC FDA approval JPM still reiterating a sell this morning (28.30)
Stock Gaping up +$3 any pop at open to me imo would be a short so look for a sell off back down to $28 and under. More this pops better the short. (NOTE) Stock was $32.50 now $30.50 for +$2PTS sort of shows you that this stock cant hold up even on FDA approval

2) $OSTK Gaping down huge on Bitcoin being down (67.45)
Stock Gaping down -$7 POINTS would actually nibble some LONG here at $60.50 room to add at open looking for a quick 1-2 points at the open then slow all day fader on it. This will be choppy but I’m looking for something quick and fast to bank on

3) $AGRX got a response letter from the FDA (4.76)
Stock Gaping down -$3.70 PTS the BUY was definitley at $1.25 this morning, this isn’t a total failure and can be fixed this is more of a buying opportunity. Now the stock is almost $2 so from here if this pops at open above $2 would take some and expect slow all day move to $3+ if this pulls at all at open to $1.50 and under watch bottom curl then look to go long, I think this gets bought up today

4) $NXTD what a beauty LONG from $4.05 yesterday entry sold at $5.20 this morning (4.40)
Stock Gaping up $.50 I like to see this pop a little at open then pullback if we get lucky and get $3.80 and under on profit taking I would watch the bottom curl if it breaks $4.10 off the bottom then nibble long. If this pops at open I need $5.20+ with volume to walk this up to $7+ so I will be watching as I did yesterday. Wait for this to set up we already nailed +$1 POINT this morning on our Overnights

5) $ROKU gaping down another -$1.20 this morning (53.85) small play
Stock Gaping down -$1.10 I like to see this have a small pop at open get thru $54 and then top it off then slow fade for the day, if this pulls at open to $52 and under go LONG and play a quick 1-1.5pt bounce before topping off and fading it back down for the day.

6) $RIOT getting gutted this morning MORE on Bitcoin sliping (27.80)
Stock Gaping down -$4 PTS I actually would nibble small small amount long if this opens at $24-$24.50 I like to get a nice push out of the gate to $26+ then re short it, if it gives us more, that would be great. I’m clearly looking for a nice bounce play here more it pulls imo better the bounce for all of us.

7) $SGH Earnings Beat (31.11)
Stock Gaping up +3.20 I like the beat but I dont think this will hold so any pop at open would scale in short, if you wish to nibble some here at $34.30 then add on pops to $35 then look for a nice profit taking gap fill to $32 and under. In the end I think this pops and fades if this pulls hard at open then just cover and play the bottom on it

8) $GLPG Gaping up on NO NEWS (89.53) up thin
Stock Gaping up +$3.50 let it pop at open a little more and look to lean into this short at $92 area add on pos then look for the nice pullback on it back down to $90.50 should be a fun little play for a couple points, remember higher this pops at open better the short for all of us on it.

9) $CELG Phase 3 did not meet superiority (107.88)
Stock Gaping down -$6 points, in the open anything btwn 100-101 go long play the bounce even in pre-market but once lower lows set in this will go below $100 today and if it breaks look for $95 on this seeing mixed analyst reactions all over with $100-$125PT so llok for this to get hurt today imo if this breaks $100 its gone.

10) $NKE getting hurt on guidance numbers (64.77)
Stock Gaping down -$3 PTS would take a few here at $62 add on dips to $60 area get a decent average play a quick 1-2pt bounce then fade it down, if this yanks to $60 area go long on it shorts will cover there for 2 points fast should be fun.

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