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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/21/17

1) $AIMT Baird raises PT to $64 on Ouperform rating (36.28) SWING IDEA to $40+ by Friday imo
Stock Gaping up +$1.00 Like the call like the range, Now how to play it. If you take some LONG at $37 you need to have 2 point range cause I feel this will need to gap fill to $35-$35.50 area then look to add carry a $36 average and let it run its course. Should be fun

2) $NETE Launching “BlockChain” business unit another day another BIG run it it (19.39) Setting up juts like $LFIN on a big RUN
Stock Gaping up +$11 POINTS I like to see this pop flag and get over $34 at the open and let it run 5-10 points or more, but it needs to PUSH at open on a HUGE short squeeze, if this does then let it rip and see where it goes. Just remember $LFIN so don’t short it too early. If this pops and pulls at open below $24 would look for that bottom curl then push then go long on it and rip it back to highs

3) $EIX gaping down on PCG suspending dividend do to WildFires (68.30)
Stock Gaping down -$3 POINTS I like to buy on this weakness today. So nibble a few LONG at $65 area add on dips to $63 if they come and look for this to rebound back to $67-$68 today, remember this stock is getting hit on someone else’s problem

4) $AEZS You know what FDA approval means in #AC (2.01)
Stock Gaping up $1.50 to me any pop at open is a SHORT opportunity as soon as we see lower lows set in and it pulls thru $3 just set it and forget it and look for an all day bleeder, note…NOT 1 analyst has come out and upgraded the stock not 1

5) $APOG Earnings Miss (50.88)
Stock Gaping down -$5 I like to see this pull a little more at open to $43-$44 spot then nibble a few long and play a nice 2-4 pt bounce on it from the bottom, if this pops at open ok to chase a few and take it to $48+ are then watch for topping then lean into it short for an all day fader back to lows. This is down $5 already so just wait for the set-up it will come.

6) $OSTK another day another play on the gap up (69.95)
Stock Gaping up +$2 pts would lean into this short at $72 room to add at the open then look for this to gap fill back to $70 and under, think this can slide to $67 area before a nice pop comes in so if it begins to flush let it do its thing we will play the bounce, higher it goes at open better the bounce.

7) $PCG suspending Dividend due to wild fires (51.12)
Stock Gaping down -$8 points I would actually look at the BIG picture here and consider a nibble down here at $43.50 with room to $41 to add at the open if this pops I’m looking for this stock to settle around $45-$47 today so thats what I’m looking for, for a rebound on this stock. More it pulls better the range for us to bounce it.

8) $FINL Earnings Beat (11.69)
Stock Gaping up +$1.40 I would love to see small pop at open if it comes on a short squeeze followed by a nice gap fill sell off on profit taking down to $12 and under, imo I did not see any upgrades on the stock this morning so keep an eye on the topping at the open if this yanks under $12.80 should give us the flush we want before legging up.

9) $VERI acquires data software Atigeo terms NOT disclosed (23.88)
Stock Gaping up +$3 stock has room to run at open maybe we get $28-$30 spot before coming down, if this small popĀ  at open then pulls back down to $26-$26.50 short it for 1-2 pts and fill the gap, more this pulls at open better the bottom curl to go long .

10) $BBBY Earnings Miss (24.57)
Stock Gaping down -$1.20 I would prefer small pop at open maybe we get $23.75+ on it then look for topping then all day bleeder on it, if this pulls at open hard let it flush to $22 an under then look to go long on the bottom curl take it up a few points

Notable Calls:

$LTEA Crazy that this is even up at all imo so stupid. However at this point stock ran $2.50 to $15 If this pops at open at all to $12 spot would play small size and see if it rips to $20 or more, if this small pops at open then pulls back down to $8 spot and under let it slide all the way back to $3.50 and under. Let it show itself at the open what it wants to do. Know the risk this is up STUPID!

$NQ SHORT SHORT SHORT (4.00) Stupid news short it at $5 take to $4.20 or less No brainer



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