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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/19/17


1) $DKS Citi upgrades the stock to BUY with $35PT from $28 (29.60)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 I like the call but will need to gap fill first before legging up, so watch the pop at open followed by a sell off to $30 and under then go long for a move to $31.50-$32 on it today. Should be fun.

2) $SCMP Nomura out this morning with a BUY rating and PT to $43 (16.75) SWING IDEA
Stock Gaping up +.45 I love the call I would NIBBLE some here LONG at $17.30 play for a qucik pop at open then sell it quick, or just wait for the gap fill sell off, I want everyone to note, I like the call BUT the stock has ran up the last 20 days so this could ened up giving back and pulling all the way to $15-$16 area if it does look to go LONG there.

3) $ROKU Morgan Stanley increases stake to almost 1million shares from 55k WOW!!! (56.10)
Stock Gaping up +$1.25 I would like small pop at open maybe get it thru $58-$58.50 short it and gap fill back down to $56 area and under then bottom curl it look for stock to hit $60 today on this call. Should be fun with the news on it.

4) $CREG They signed a Contract with a company. LOL (2.73) I signed a contract to eat dinner last night as well
Stock Gaping up +1.50 GOAL on this is simple, pop a little at open Lower lows to set in then look for an all day fader back to $3 and under with possible ATM to follow. No terms of the contract were noted which to me tells me this is crap

5) $NAV Earnings Beat (42.19)
Stock Gaping up +$4 I like the beat, would let it pop at open thru $48+ if it comes on short squeeze then look to gap fill this 2-2.5POINTS to the down side and gap fill it on profit taking. Stock should do nice today but will need to gap fill have alot of bag holders in the $30 range that will want to cashout for the holidays so look for pop pull and gap fill. If this pulls to $43.50 go LONG on it

6) $LFIN 1 word SHORT SHORT SHORT (72.38) CEO “Our market cap is stupid and shouldn’t even be up here its so stupid”
Stock Gaping down -$8 would short anything at $60+ and let this just dump all day, if this at all squeezes at open, let it run, you have too on this stock, but in the end this should fall in half today. so be eying the SHORT side on this today. I will be playing the dips if I see 5-10 point moves to be aware this will be a scalp trade all day for us IMO

7) $DRI Earnings Beat (90.54)
Stock Gaping up +$4 POINTS would nibble some short here at $94.20 area with room to $96 at the open if it comes and look to pull this back down 2-3 points on profit taking (NOTE DRI always give back alot of there gains so keep an eye out on this gap filling)

8) $RIOT small offering on Warrants 1.6mill at $22.50 this is nothing imo (36.47)
Stock Gaping down -$4 the pull to $32 was nice and he bounce to $37 even nicer, NOW lets see if it just pop at open towards $40 again before selling off and fading back to $32 and under, if this pulls HARD at oopen below $30 I would nibble some LONG and take 3-5 points to the upside. TODAY WE MUST WAIT FOR THIS TO SET-UP BEFORE DOING OUR THING

9) $APPN Gaping up on NO news this morning (25.46) Up thin
Stock Gaping up +$1.00 would short this gap here at $26.50 area room to add at open gap fill it to $25 and under bottom curl then look to go LONG on it for a potential 1-2 points, caught this gaping up this morning, think it will need to get filled before any leg up on it

10) $CCL Earnings Mixed but more on the beat side (66.60)
Stock Gaping up +2 points would look to pop and fade this back to $67 and under NOTE the CCall is in 30mins so look for this to sell off into the call after any initial pop then cover your position on it. I think this just pops at open and look to fade it into the call

Notable Calls:

$KORS Needham Tags a $69 PT (63.50) If you can pick this up below $64 and add on dips think you wil be fine, think stock has room to $65+ on this call today so wait for the set up on it

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