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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/15/17

1) $DCIX Morgan Stanley Takes a 5% stake in the company (4.87)
Stock Gaping up +$2.50 OK on this on I took long overnight around $5.75 and sold already this morning around $7.10+ I will wait for the pop and sell off at open on profit taking, then from their watch the bottom curl and flags and see if this runs. I want you all to be cautious MS did this on DRYS a while ago and all the stock did was collapse from there, so be cautious loading the boat.

2) $CSX CEO leaving on medical leave (57.31) This is down for dumb reasons co’s fundamentals aren’t changing would by on weakness
Stock Gaping down -$7 picked up some LONG at $50.25 will add on any pullback looking for 3-4pts on this at the open. Think we get at least $54 on this Trade. If this pull at open below $50 consider it a gift.

3) $PIXY Earnings Beat (2.20)
Stock Gaping up +3.00 I would prefer to short this on a slow slow fade so, I would take a few here at $5 add on any pop at open, there are a lot of bag holders on this stock that will want to profit take on this. So higher it pops better the short, I would prefer this to fade to $3 and under, if this dumps and sells off cover and look for bottom curl if it comes I will call it out and nail it.

4) $LFIN announces the acquisition of “Blockchain” technology Ziddu.com (5.38) remember anything with the word “Blockchain” runs
Stock Gaping up +$4 I would lean into this SHORT at $10 spot room to add to $12 at the open if it comes, I think this will pop and fade very quick on bag holders trying to sell off there share on Profit taking, higher this pops better the short, if this pulls at open to $6.50 an under watch for bottom curl then look to go LONG on it once it flags. This is up almost 100% on this news already

5) $TIG confirm that EMA CHMP adopted positive opinion recommending a marketing authorization of Cx601 (21.67)
Stock Gaping up +$5 VERY THIN! I would actualy see if you can nibble some SHORT here at $26.40 level room to add on the pop towards $28 at the open if it comes and look for a nice gap fill back to $22.50 or under. I love the news, but full of holes and I think this will give back some on profit taking.

6) $FL Canaccord raises PT on $FL to $64 from $42 (44.33)
Stock Gaping up +$2.50 I would scale in SHORT here at $45.80 room to add at the open towards $46+ then look for this to gap fill back to $44.65 and under on bottom curl then look to go LONG on it on a swing idea think we see $48-$50 either today or by Mon-Tuesday

7) $GLPG SHORT SHORT SHORT exercises option on filgotinib collaboration with GILD (84.48)
Stock Gaping up +$8 POINTS would short this $92 spot and add on any pop at open this is up thin and I expect this to pop and fade back to $86 a share and under imo this will just sell off bottom curl on the bottom then go long $86 and under should get you 3-5pts on this SHORT

8) $RIOT another day another play (24.98) Bitcoin reaching all new highs
Stock Gaping up +$3 would actually lean into this SHORT here at $28 spot room to add to $30 if it comes looking for this to sell off and gap fill back to $25.50 and under then let it whipsaw again back to highs. This should be volitaile so always trade this with 1/4 size never full size on something like this. Take what you can when it comes.

9) $ALNY announce with SNY that the FDA has lifted the clinical hold with fitursian (123.66)
Stock Gaping up +$6 POINTS would lean into this short around $130 spot room for the pop to $134 at open if it comes then look for this to gap fill back to $125 and under on any profit taking or pull at open, if we get $125 on the pull at open cover and look to go long on the bottom curl on it. Should be quick and fast on it.

10) $GBT Prices 2.6 million at $38 #Offering (39.40)
Stock Gaping down -$2 would take a few long at $37 area room to add at the open on any pullback to $34.50-$35 be patient and look for this to rebound over the next few days back thru $40 IMO this sell off and dip is a buying opportunity

Notable Calls:

$IPO $CASA Prices 6million at $13 if this opens at $15 and under go LONG and have some fun with it, if this pulls and yanks $13 at open go long on it, if this opens at $20 PASS it will sell off imo

$SIEB gaping up +$1 will be in play today so watch the pop and drop and bottom curl then we will nail it.

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