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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/14/17

1) $GWPH Goldman Sachs Tags a BUY rating with $174 PT from $124 (123.98) SWING IDEA
Stock Gaping up +$6 POINTS I like to get a small pop at open towards $132-$135 and lean into it SHORT gap fill this back to $125 and under then bottom curl it then go LONG I love the upgrade BUT I need this to gap fill first some before legging up, so watch it pop out of the gate quick before setteling down and going long.

2) $ARGX #Offering established Priced at $52 a share (52.73)
Stock Gaping up +4 POINTS I would lean into this SHORT here at $57.50 with room to add at the open towards $58 on the pop then gap fill this nicely back to $53.50 and under then look to go LONG on it back to highs, this is up way to much and will need to be gapped filled before going back up. I like the range on it for sure.

3) $TEVA unveils restructuring plans and plans to lay off thousands (15.70)
Stock Gaping up +3.00 I would prefer to short this on a slow slow fade so, I would watch this if this breaks $18 spot at the open I would lean into it short and fade it, this could get squeezed to $20 at open if it does more better for us because I fell very strongly this will come back down and gill to $16.50 and under imo.

4) $SMIT Earning Beat (2.44)
Stock Gaping up +$2 I would look to short this above $4 with room to $4.50+ I thin the beat is nice but alot of bagholders on the stock will want to cash out on this move so look for a steady sell off and gap fill to $2.75 and under on it. The more it squeezes at open if it does better the fade for all of us.

5) $CRTO Issues warning and downside guidance ($31.61)
Stock Gaping down -$5 I would prefer small pop at open from $26.50 to maybe $29+ then look to fade this all day long back to lows, the stock will get hurt on this, if this pulls at open hard look for $23-$24 area as a bounce on it. so be careful wait for this to show you, stock has range I hope we pop gap fill some then fade it all day long

6) $ROKU Gaping up on Disney News with FOXA (45.46)
Stock Gaping up +$3 I would prefer this to sell off on the gap fill back to $46 are and under then go long on a nbice slow move to $50. If this pops at open to $50 spot lean into it short and gap fill it back 2-3 points then bottom curl it. This is VERY good news for ROKU and the stock should reflect on it today

7) $GPP Block Trade (18.55)
Stock Gaping down -$2.00 I would actually lean into this LONG around $16.65 area and look for this to rebound back to yesterdays close think this will be slow and steady all the way back up to $18 plus.

8) $RIOT another day another play (23.03)
Stock Gaping up +$1.35 I would like to see small pop at open thru $25-$25.75+ area then watch for topping then lean into this short and fade this to $22 and under, I think this pops and fades today, so watch carefully the set up once it gets thru $24 on the pullback it should just end up fading off today. Let it set up for us

9) $LULU DB gives a BUY rating with $89PT from $72 (74.19)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 I would short this gap up back down to $74.50 and under then bottom curl it then go long, if this pops at open at all to $76-$76.50 on this call lean into it short and gap fill it first for quick money then look to go long on it back to highs think this hits $78 today on it.

10) $GBT Needham tags a BUY rating and raises to $70 from $51 (38.35) up thin this is the 5th upgrade from a Tier 1 firms
Stock Gaping up +$1 ok, at this point it seems anything in the $36-$39 range is a buying opportunity so I would look for this to pop at open then look for a sell off on it back to $38 area or even under then go long, yesterday this sold off to $35 area and bounce huge so if youget another sell off like this dont be shy this to me has room back to $44-$45 on it so lets see how it sets up for us today

Notable Calls:

$PIR Earnings Disaster (5.84) Told you all they shouldn’t be in business and last night another miss (5.84) gaping down -$1.60 2 was to play this. If this pulls hard at open to $3.85 and under go long and play a nice 1 point bounce, if this pops and breaks out above $4.40 go long and play it for another .50 to the upside on short covering.

$MARK gaping up on PR (8.06) Gap up +.75 Keep an eye on this if this rushes thru $9+ at the open wait for the topping then we can short it and gap fill it slowly back to $8.20 area if this pulls at open to same area bottom curl it then go long for all day slow move back up

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