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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/13/17


1) $RL BofA Cut this baby from $100 to $80 OUCH!!! (100.14) SHORT IDEA
Stock Gaping down -$2.30 Like to get some at $97.50 sitting on the ask right now will add on any pops at open to $100. In the end I would love to see this hit $90 and below today on this call.

2) $DPW Launches NEW Buisness division (4.16) Former runner, think they are just trying anything to keep this up
Stock Gaping up +1.25 I would prefer this to small pop at open followed by a nice pullback gap fill to $4.5 and under then watch for bottom curl then look to go LONG on it. If this pops flags and rushes to $6 let it fly because in the end I think this comes right back down and fills a profit taking gap.

3) $CHFS Signs International Agreement with Singapore (3.58) Really love to see the agreement, I signed an agreement to eat dinner
Stock Gaping up +.90 News to me is fluff so I will watch sheep chase this at the open and see if we get it thru $5.50-$6 on it then look for a nice sell off on profit taking to $4 and under. If lower lows set in right at the open look for this to gap fill quick then bottom curl long for a possible push at the open

4) $FNSR $AAPL receives $390 Million from $AAPL (19.30)
Stock Gaping up +$6 I like to see a little more pop at the open maybe towards $26-$27 before fading I will be watching the break at $23 on this, if this breaks down $23 at the open look for a quick 2 point gap fill on it. should be fun. If this dumps and sells off at open I’ll be watching the $20.50+ area to go LONG and bounce it for 2-4pts

5) $RIOT this is going to be volatile and crazy so be careful Negative News Fast Money (28.20) Told you all to o/n SHORT into close
Stock Gaping down -$4 Ok… 2 ways this pulls hard at open to $20-$22 spot then look for this to short cover squeeze to 2-4pts before breaking down again, if this POPS at all at open thru $26 watch for toping on it then look to short it and gap fill it. should be fun

6) $CLLS Presents Phase 1 studies (24.02) To me this is a Blindfold short
Stock Gaping up +$3 I would short this news any pop at open towards $28+ scale in and short this back to $25.50 and under, I owuld even take some now here at $27.40 area and dont be scared this should gap fill

7) $LITE getting smashed on $FNSR with $AAPL (51.75)
Stock Gaping down -$5 I would nibble some LONG here at $46 with room to $45 or more at the open and then watch for shorts to come in and cover this big time to $49+ before heading back down, the more this pulls better the range and the rebound, remember this is down because of news from another company. So I do think his will get defended imo

8) $ICPT Deutsche Bank Tags a BUY rating with $106PT (60.64)
Stock Gaping up +1.70 I like to see this pop at open towards $63+ or more then lean into it short gap fill this back to $61.20 and under then scale in LONG for slow move back to highs, I would like to see this get to $65+ on this call possibly even today.

9) $WDC Settles Chip unit dispute with Toshiba (81.77)
Stock Gaping up +$3.00 I would like small pop at open then lean into this short and gap fill this back to $82 and under WDC tends to sell there gaps so look for the small pop and pull at the open. More this pops imo better the short on it for us

10) $BLUE Priced 3.2million at $185 a Share (190.05) ****Remember the #Offering Video
Stock Gaping down -$5 picked up some at $185 sold at $187 on the pop will see if it pops more at open small offering if this breaks $185 at the open would watch for bottom curl on it would love for this to get to $190 area today on this pullback gift

Notable Calls:

$HMNY Priced Offering at $6.95 to me this is a risky trade but given the fact this always seems to pop on the littlest news and it was $10 yesterday I took some LONG at $6.25 on the pull back I’m looking for at least 1 point on a pop if it comes and will add on weakness

$ARGX Prices 3.5million around $50 area a share Stock gaping down -$2.30 (55.00) would nibble some LONG here at $51.65 room to add on dips if they come look for this to rebound 2-3 pts if this pulls hard to $50 and under go LONG and play the 2-3 bounce on it.

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