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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 12/11/17

1) $OSTK BlindFold Trade Morgan Stanley increases there stake position to 11.4% less then 1% LOL (45.075)
Stock Gaping up +$4.90 would take some SHORT here at $49.75 room to add at the open and expect a nice sell off on this and fill the gap to $46 and under, should be fun and for quick money, this always always sells off their gap ups. Remember always!

2) $CBIO Positive Data on phase 1/2 …..Rafael gave this on a Swing idea on Friday to go LONG at $7.50 (7.54)
Stock Gaping up +3 Points. I like the news but would take a few nibble short here at $10.70 this stock has room to push at open to $12 although I like the news, this has a lot of bag holders so I will be looking for this to pop and sell off slowly back to $8.50 and under on gap fill. Keep an eye on the short side of it. this is up on Phase 1/2……

3) $GBT Data released Mixed response Nomura Tags a $91 PT from $50 (45.70) anything under $40 on this imo is a BUY and HOLD
Stock gaping down -8 Points this morning, anyone who bough at $37-$38 was golden, if this by chance does it again and sells off I would be picking this up on weakness. I like the call, the notes and this has SWING all over it. If you take $40 have room to ad din case it pulls 1 more time, once it breaks $46+ to me its gone

4) $SYRS 50% Haircut on Horrible Phase 2 Data (12.37) Risky Trade imo has room to $5 at the open
Stock gaping down -$6 I think this will rebound possibly thru $8 spot at the open before fading off back to lows, However if going long here at $6.20 have room to $5 spot at the open otherwise dont take it, I’m betting this should short cover possibly thru $8 spot before fading back for all day bleeder. If this pulls to $5 watch the curl on it, I think that will be somewhat of the bottom on it

5) $IONS gapping up on Roche exercised option to license (54.60)
Stock gaping up +$2 I would take a few SHORT at $56 level with room to add at the open then look for this to fade off nicely back to $54.75 and under then look for this to bottom curl then look to go long on it. Should be fun.

6) $SNSS Wells Fargo Tags a BUY rating with $8PT from $2 should be fun today (2.48)
Stock Gaping up +.40 I would prefer a sell off at the open to $2.55-$2.60 before getting excited. However, This has room to $3.50 to $4 today so if taking some long just add on the .40 gap fill dip and have a decent average I think once this gets thru $3.10 should run nice.

7) *******$ONCE Gaping down HUGE!!! on Data on Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial (73.38) BE PATIENT ON THIS!!!!
Stock Gaping down -$26 POINTS I would actually consider taking a few with risk to $43-$45 at the open I think this will rebound, keep in mind this is in early stages which will allow the company to respond and come back strong on it. So if you nibble nibble light, but I will be looking for this to break thru $50 spot at the open once that does we get slow move to $55 on it,. BE PATIENT!!!

8) $DVA Citi Tags a BUY rating and increases PT to $82 from $67 (67.71)
Stock gaping up +.60 I would take a few LONG at $68.20 area room to add at the open thinking it pops at open to $69 then pulls habck gap fills we go long and we get a few points on it towards $70+ on this call from Citi today

9) *******$BPMC Up on Phase “1” Data (71.86)
Stock gaping +20 POINTS to me this is a pop and fade given Phase 1 status I would look to lean into this SHORT at $91.50-$92 area with room to add at the open if it pops this is up thin and it may squeeze but once it tops and breaks $89-$90 at the open I think this just fades back 8-10 points

10) $BLUE BIG win this week Goldman Tags a $309 PT from $186 (171.15)
Stock gaping up +50 POINTS I love everything about BLUE BUT I would also watch the downside on this. So I would nibble and I mean nibble some at $224 SHORT room to $230 at the open and watch for topping if this breaks $215 to the downside I think we get another 10 points or more on the downside, this needs to gap fill some before legging up so watch for the HUGE potential pop at open then we will get this. In the end this has room to $250 today so be careful

Notable Calls:

$ARGX Gaping up Phase 2 Positive Data (30.45) Expect more upside here from $40 think stock pops to $44-$46 area on it at the open then look for a nice pullback on it to $37 or under then bottom curl then go long, this will end up with a secondary by Weds depending on the volume today, they will keep it up once it pushes

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