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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 10/24/17

1) $RCON announces 2 million contract with PTR (1.70)
Stock Gapping up +.70 I like the news, but the 2million isn’t much so with that said decent volume already I would look for a pop at open towards 3 spot then watch for topping on it then look for a potential all day fader on it back to gap fill. If it pos and flags and has strength I’ll run it to $4 but need to see how it opens

2) $CRIS Guggenheim Tags a BUY rating with $7PT (1.57)
Stock Gaping up +.12 You can grab some LONG below $1.70 area and add if it dips looking for a potential move off this upgrade and PT to $2-$2.60 if it gets going. Stock is a former runner so maybe we get this to run if we get volume behind it.

3) $OCUL Guggeheim Tags a $12PT with a BUY rating (5.58)
Stock gaping up +.45 I like the call but would prefer some pull at the open to $5.75 so watch for quick po at open then you can short it and flush it back down to $5.70 and under then watch for bottom curl on it then look to go LONG on it, should be fun with this cheap stock and get some momentum.

4) $HMNY Popping on 20,000 more subscribers as of August 14,2017 (13.30) Former runner and Crazy stock
Stock gaping up +$3 I like this news on this volitale stock, so with that said, if this pops at open then 17+ should be the top on it before profit taking pullback I would prefer to see this come down to $14.50 and under then look for a nice bounce off that for 2-3pts. Lets wait for the open, hard to buy here being up +$3 would prefer pop and dump then allow us to get in and play it LONG

5) ******$BEAT Sun Trust tags a BUY rating with $41PT (30.60)
Stock gaping down -.60 I would actually buy some here at $30 level with room to add on any pullback I like the call and the pullback down here as a BUYING opportunity looking for 2-3pts towards $32-$33 possibly today/tomorrow on this upgrade and call

6) $LOGI Earnings Miss (37.15)
Stock gaping down -$2.50 I would love to see this pop a little at open towards $36-$36.50 watch for topping then look to all day fade it back to lows, if this pulls hard at open expect a $33 and under bottome then look for a nice 1-2pt bounce on it on short covering. Should be fun today with range just wait for the set up on it.

7) $ICPT announce Postive results from Phase 2 trial met endpoint on it (65.60)
Stock gaping up +$2 I like the news on this beat up stock, so watch for a quick pop out of the gate towards $69-$70 level then look for a decent pullback on profit taking possibly back to $66.50 and lower, if this pulls hard at open then look for a gap fill to $66 and under then bottom curl then look to go LONG on it should give us a play on this news.

8) $IONS Drugs sales reported on Spinzara +34% to 271million (62.80)
Stock gaping down -$4.25 I like to see this actually pop at open towards $60-$61+ on this, I’m not quite sure why its down other then the numbers might be off some what investors were looking for, if this pulls hard at open to $57 area play the bounce for 3pts or more. I think we gap fill it some first at the open

9) $ALXN receives FDA approval on Soliris (135.20)
Stock gaping up +$7 I woul dlike to see a pop at open towards $144-$146 level then look for a decent sell off on it on the FDA approval, I like the news but I think we get a pullback on profit taking on it today, if this yanks at open then look for this to gap fill

10) $WHR Earnings Disaster on Guidance (182.50)
Stock gaping down -$19 points multiple downgrades on this, I would prefer this to pop a few at open on short covering towards $168-$170 before topping off then all day fader on it, IF IF IF this pulls at open hard to $159 level or under watch for short covering then look to go long and play this for 4-6 pts on the bounce

Notable Calls:

$LITE Gaping up on no news (59.50) Gaping up +$1.50 like to see quick pop and then look for a gap fill pullback to $60 and under then look to go LONG on it for an all day slow move to $62 on it. This is up thin on air so it should pop and gap fill


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