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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 10/23/17

1) $DBVT Misses Phase 3 Death to a Company you should all know that (48.07)
Stock Gapping down -50% this is a start the short was at the open at $29 area at this point any pop or short covering at the open look for topping lower lows and look to shred this to $20 and below. I don’t care how many defenses on this, this is a Phase 3 miss and investors are pist so be aware. for those who shorted at $29 nice work, you have to always expect at least a 50% haircut

2) $AIMT Seriously why is this up, because DBVT is down did AIMT get FDA approval on anything? (25.86)
Stock Gaping up +$13pts REALLY? Ok. Stupid SHORT was at $38 those that missed you will get another shot for now imo this stock should gap fill back to $30-$32 at the open, if this pops again on short squeeze watch the $37-$40 area again watch for topping then look to short this back all day long, expect minor unpgrades but enough to keep this up

3) $PETS Good earnings report but imo up way to much (36.74) Expect upgrades today from multiple analyst
Stock gaping up +$8 I like to nibble into this SHORT here at $44.40+ with room thru $46 at the open I think this shoud give us back at least 4+ points to the down side, so watch for it. NIBBLE traders do not go hard its early and this can push, but don’t be suprised if the bell rings and this snaps hard 3pts in a blink on profit taking, alot of bag holders on this one.

4) $QURE think we get 1 more day in this before the ATM offering (19.27)
Stock gaping up +$1 I like to see an small pop at open maybe to $20.50-$21+ then watch for topping on it then look for slow fader, I think for some reason imo this just pops and fades I don’t see $25 on it with the offering aluming out their so lets see how it sets up if lower lows kick in look for a fader to $17.50 or under on it.

5) ******$DCPH Multiple Upgrades on this today JPM $30 $JMP $38 & the Big one Nomura $57 (20.15)
Stock gaping up +.70 would grab some HERE at $20.90 with room to add on any pullback at the open and look for this to run to $22-$24 today on these calls, this is a winner imo and with these upgrades this morning this stock wants to go. So start small and add if it dips should be fun cause once this gets going its gone!

6) $ROKU Interesting Oppenheimer out with 1 upgrade this morning $ROKU at $28PT (21.87)
Stock gaping down -.10 would take a few LONG here at $21.84 room to add on any pullback think we see $23.50-$24 on this call today I like the upgrade and I think we start seeing this come back some

7) $HAS Earnings Mixed but issued downside guidance 1.7billion from 1.8 billion (98.19)
Stock gaping down -$4 I think we get a few more points to the down side on this to $92 and under, so watch for any pop at open or gap fill to $96+ if it comes I think this should get hit a little more they made comments on UK and Brazil being challanging and their working around that.

8) $STX Earnings Beat (34.94)
Stock gaping up +$5 I like the beat BUT up way too much I would lean into this short here at $39.25 area nibble some room to add to $41 if it comes then look for a nice gap fill pull back on it to $36.50 and under STX doesn’t always hold their gains on positive earnings so watch for the nice gap fill pull once it starts to give nail it short

9) $GBT Discontinues GBT440 (32.55)
Stock gaping down -$3 I like to see more downside on this, I like to get this to $27 area so watch for any pop at open if it comes back to $31 area if it comes watch for topping then look for an all day slow bleeder on this. This was very important in their pipeline and I think this gets hurt on this.

10) $AGEN launches subs company (4.33)
Stock gaping up +.50 I like to see small pop and pull then bottom curl after it settles then possible long on it, I need to see how this pops at the open and reacts this is up already +50 so we could see quite a bit of profit taking on it then look for the bottom curl on it then watch for the long, if this pops and flags thru $5.25-$5.40 with volume then its on we should have fun with it

Notable Calls:

$FAT IPO priced Low Floater 2million shares at $12 a share! WOW should be fun. I would like to see $14 and under opening with at least 300k-500k at the open. I like the company and the low float this should be fun today.

$LYL This was an IPO on Friday with very little shares, gaping up on thin volume, Keep and eye on this I have a feeling we see $20 on it in the next few sessions, today already gaping up +$1.30 would nibble some long at $13 area add on dips I think we get a few points to the upside on this today


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