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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 10/20/17


1) $DGLY and Vievu Enter into supply agreement (2.20) In the end this will sell off, it always always does remember this!
Stock Gapping up +.80 look for morning chatroom chasers to rock this at open to $3.50-$4 then watch for lower lows to set in then look for all day bleeder on it back to where it came from.

2) $QURE Chardan raise PT to $35 from $12.50 Leernik raises to $19 (15.16)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 I like to get 1 more day in this, but everyone understand Chardan main purpose is to jack the price up with volume and keep it up to get a decent offering price either tonight or Monday. We know this game this could run to $18+ so watch the pop and if it does let run then watch for the snap and pullback then we will play it how we see it. If it flushes to $14.50-$15 LONG it

3) $SKX NAILED IT!!! Told you all before the close I felt they would have BLOWOUT Earnings and why (24.03)
Stock gaping up +$6.90 WOW!!! what a play I like to see a little more push at open possibly squeeze it to $32+ lean into it some short on it then look for a 2-3pt pullback on it then bottom curl then all day slow move to the upside, imo this will NOT fully gap fill so do NOT expect it too, just look for a nice small pull bottom curl break out on flag then go LONG on it.

4) $REN Goldman Sachs Tags a BUY rating with $37 from $31 (28.99)
Stock gaping up +$1.20 I like to see gap fill on this first around the $29.20 area or lower before longing this, I like the call on it so wait for the nice pop at open if it comes then lean into it short expect the gap fill on it then look to go LONG for slow all day move to the upside

5) $LULU Citi Tags a BUY rating with $73PT from $62 this is big coming from Citi (60.09)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 I like this to pop a little more at open possibly thru $62-$63 watch for topping on it short it and look for gap fill back down to $60.50 or under on it then look to go LONG if this pulls at open to same are go LONG will be in play for all day slow move towards $63-$64+

6) $NCR Earnings disaster (37.05)
Stock gaping down -$6 I like to grab a few LONG on it here at $31 with room to $29 at the open I think this short covers to $33+ on it before having an all day fader set on it, so watch for any nasty pull at open with a nice bounce on it for 2-3pts if the pull comes. otherwise look for that move to $33+

7) $TEAM Earnings Beat (40.25)
Stock gaping up +$5 I like the beat but stock is up way too much I would like to see small pop at open to $46+ level scale in SHORT and pull it down 2+ points to $42.50 or under, I think we will see some profit taking on it, if it pulls harder at open then watch for bottom curl on it then look to go LONG should be fun, just wait for it to set up

8) $PYPL Earnings Beat all time HIGHS (67.25) Told you all this would do well into Earnings now look +$4
Stock gaping up +$4 I would take some short here at $72 BUT wide range must be used with caution this is up alot but don’t let it surprise you if we see $74 pop before it actually starts to come down so niblle but I am looking for decent sell off to $69 level and under before a nice leg up imo

9) $PFPT Earnings Miss (95.10)
Stock gaping down -$3 I like to see this have a small pop at open followed by a nice flush and dump to $88 spot if this simply pulls at open to that spot then go LONG and play a nice 2-3pt bounce, if this pops at all (I wish) to $94+ scale in SHORT fade it all day. CEO was trying to salvage his report this morning on CNBC so watch for small pop if it comes to lean into it

10) $CELG 2 down grades today 1 with Citi saw another PT to $128 (135.96)
Stock gaping down -$11 I would buy some here small at $124.50 wide range to $122 looking for a bounce at open to $127-$129 or more then look for an all day fader if this pulls hard at open let it then long it for a nice bounce $120 would be nice. But I think $122 will be bottom at the open we will see, going to be fun

Notable Calls:

$REDU IPO priced Low Floater 11million at $14.50 up +.50 I like to see a $16 area or under to open with 1.5million shares or more then possible pop at open for +$2 pts if this pulls at open to $14 and under with weak opening let it flush a little down even $13.50 would be nice then LONG it should give us room to $15 Open over $20 walk away!

$MDB Yesterdays IPO (32.07) Gaping up +$1.32 as I told all of you yesterday this would gap up this morning and look for a move to $34-$35 from $32 close, now look $33.39 Now you have to wait for pop and pull IF we get a decent pull at the open to $32 and under then look to long it for a nice 2pt bounce or more. I knew this would happen Traders and now look right to a Tee


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