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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 10/13/17

1) $ITEK Bunch of Noise that all means nothing but former runner and sheep like chasing formers (2.95)
Stock Gapping up +$1 this morning I would love to see this get attention this morning and pop at open back thry $4 spot then look for a nice gap fill slow fader on it, I think the news is stupid and worthless so I will be eyeing the short on any pop at the open

2) $NLNK BofA Tags a BUY rating with $22PT (11.25)
Stock Gaping up +$1 would actually nibble some LONG here at $12.20 room to add at the open on the gap fill I think if we catch and $11.50 average we will be all good on this for a nice slow run to $14 on this call today. ENJOY

3) $AAOI Horrible Guidance seeing PT as low as $42 out their (58.84)
Stock gaping down -$10.50 2 ways to play this massive dump and pull at open to $45 and under then play a nice 1-2pt bounce on it, or this pops at open (hope it does) on short covering to $53-$54 spot watch for topping then look for ALL DAY FADER on it

4) $LITE Will get punched on $AAOI earnings and Guidance NO love for this stock today (58.95)
Stock gaping down -$1.05 I would actually take some short at $58 level room to add at the open then look for an all day fader to $55 level or lower this will get hurt today along side AAOI this could get crushed as low as $53 so watch the shorts

5) $HA Morgan Stanley out with notes cutting HA to $30Pt from $37 cause of Southwest doing routes to HA soon (39.00)
Stock gaping down .50 would take some SHORT $38.50 area if you can get it add on any pop at the open look for this to sell off all day to $36 and under on this call, If this pops and squeezes its because everyone will chase it then just chill as it settles then eye the short on it.

6) $HMNY Gutted after hours yesterday CEO was a deer staring at headlights (20.50) I was long at $17.84 cashed out this morning
Stock gaping down -$2 I would love to see this pop at open on some short covering thru $20-$22 on it then watch for topping then look to short this for a potential all day fader on it, if this pulls hard at open to $16-$17 level and under play a nice 2-3pt whipsaw bounce

7) $CNC Being gutted on Trump insurance coverages or lack of (93.68)
Stock gaping down -$7 I would nibble a few long here at $86 level room to add at the open (wide stops) looking for a small bounce thru the $90+ spot then look to fade it, if this pulls at open hard to $83 and under go LONG and play a 4-5pt bounce on it. SHOULD BE FUN!

8) $ANAB Prices 3million shares at $68.50 (70.80) this is a quick fill so if this dip to pricing go LONG!!!!
Stock gaping down (was) $68.65 that was a LONG right their just like $FLXN so for this IF this pull at open and drops back to $69 and under then look to go long on it for an all day slow move back to $71-$72 area should be fun I hope it drops again like FLXN yesterday did 3 times for us.

9) $ONCE FDA vote 16 yah 0 no (86.20) Multiple PT all above $100
Stock gaping up +$4 I told you yesterday expect a pop to $92-$93 on the un halt then look to gap fill and fade it back to $87-$88 on profit taking then go long, if this pulls at open at all to those areas look to long it for an all day move to the upside, if you take the $90’s have wide range room to $87-$88 to add

10) $NFLX Finally Mav/Beth see their $200+++ today Congratulations to the both of you GS $235PT JPM $225PT (195.86)
Stock gaping up +$4 I want to see a pop thru the magical $200+ at the open watch for topping then gap fill this back to $197-$198 area scale in LONG and look for an all day slow move to $203-$205 today on this call. Should be fun

Notable Calls:

$MCRB Oppenheimer issues Buy Rating with $19PT (10.87) Gaping up +.40 I like to grab some LONG here at $11.35 area room to add on any dip look for bottom curl then slow mover towards $13-$14 area on this call, volume is thin but I like the range should get the love it needs today Day Trade only

$X Gaping up Notes from Bloomberg on Strong ore imports (25.56) Gaping up +$1.40 I would like to gap fill this a little at the open to $26.25 level or lower then scale in LONG for all day slow move to the upside, if this pulls and gap fills immediately go LONG on it for all day move to $28+ If this pops at open let it come down before longing it imo


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