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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/8/18

1) $OSTK think we get another run on it today towards $90+ but before lets short it and get paid (84.35)
Stock Gaping up +$1.75 I OSTK typically sells off their Gap ups quick and normally pull below the close prior day. Would take some short at $85.50 room to add at the open look for 2 points or more on the pullback would love to see $83 and under or more at the open look for bottom curl then go long for another leg up.

2) $VUZI Props to Mod Maveric on this on Friday at $7.50 to go long stock gaping up +$2 to $9.5 (7.65)
Stock Gaping up +$2 think stock will pop at open towards $9.50-$10 spot then look for a nice sell off on profit taking, I would like to see this pull down to $8.10 and under if it does look to go long on it for a possible all day rebound back to highs should be fun to play

3) $ALDR enters a definitive stock agreement with Red mile Group also met primary endpoints on Phase 1-2 data (12.35)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 I think stock runs a little more towards $16+ at the open watch for topping on it when it does then look to go SHORT on it for a 1-2pt pullback on it. This could push more but I would like to see some profit taking down to $13.50 or under then look for bottom curl and go long on it once it settles. But for now let it push out of the gate.

4) $WATT Announce first WattUp consumer products available (21.97)
Stock Gaping up +$2.25 I would love to see a little more pop at open towards $25-$26 on a short squeeze then get in short and gap fill it back down to $22.50 and under then watch for bottom curl then look to go long, if this pulls at open and sells off watch that $22.50 area and bottom curl it. Should be fun.

5) $MZOR Earnings Beat with Guidance (56.98)
Stock Gaping up +$7 Points would actually take some short here at $63.30 area with room to add at the open towards $64 I think once this yanks this will sell off quick to $60 and under for quick money. I love this being up on this air this morning, so watch for topping don’t be scared and this should pay us a few points to the downside

6) $NBIX Earnings Beat and Guidance (81.73) “Blindfold Trade”
Stock Gaping up +$5.50 I like it up here SHORT would nibble a few at $85+ area if you can get $85.50+ look for room to $87 then watch for 1st pull on it and then look for gap fill on it back down to $$82.50 and under NBIX always sells off their gains on any gap up so watch for topping on it and nail it.

7) $STX Nice PR on it with Ripple holdings as they may have significant stake in it bringing there value up considerably (42.94)
Stock Gaping up +$8 Points stock looks like it can rip more out of the gate from BOUNTY HUNTER alert at $44 a share would like to see it rip a little more at the open maybe we get $52-$54 on it once we see it get heavy and lower lows set in, look to short the stock back down 2-5pts on profit taking, right now its strong so let it rip a little more.

8) $KSS Earnings Beat and Guidance (54.36)
Stock Gaping up $4 I would nibble some short here at $59 area room to $61 at the open look for this to pullback down to $56 and under on profit taking more it pops better the pull down on it. So don’t let it scare you out. If this starts to yank at the open look for a nice gap fill pullback at least 2points or more

9) $APPN Downgrade from Barclays (39.68)
Stock Gaping down -$3 I would actually go LONG here at $36.70 nibble a few room to $35 at the open and watch for nice 1-2pt bounce on it then top it off then look to go short on it. I think it needs to gap fill first before shorting it all day fader

10) $UTX Goldman Sachs upgrade to $173 from $124 (131.60)
Stock Gaping up +3.5 POINTS would take some SHORT at $135 room to add at the open look for it to gap fill to $132 and under then go long on it. Should be fun. would nibble around $133 add on dips would consider buying 140-145 Calls 1 week out or more.

Notable Calls:

$AXON Miss primary endpoints (5.37) down -$3 I think small pop at open followed by a nice slow fade on it to $2 area, if this pulls at open to $2 bucks keep an eye on it and look to go long and play a short covering 1point bounce or more.

$GCAP announce the Bitcoin PR and Mox Expects 2 more PR like this coming (9.72) Stock gapped up and hit $11.25 today. would nibbles some long here at $10 with room to add at the open look for this to trace back to $11+


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