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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/4/18

1) $ROKU Morgan Stanley CUTS PT to $30 (55.44) WOWZA!!!!
Stock Gaping down -$4 OK this is already down -$4 I would love to see this pop at open back thru $52-$53 THEN scale in SHORT for an all day fader on it. If this pulls at open to $50 and under and we see anything in the 48’s go LONG and play a huge bounce back up 2-4pts before shorting the stock.

2) $CNET announce partnership with Jingtum Technology (1.17) Stupid anything to bump a stock
Stock Gaping up +$2 I personally think this gap up is stupid but hey its $CNET so with that said I would look for this to possibly squeeze at open towards $4 spot look for this to top off watch for lower lows set in and I will be eyeing a possible all day fader. This is a former runner so let it pop first I will know right away if it’s going to fade or not.

3) $FTFT announce 5% stake in BlockChain Technology….OMG!!!! (5.00) This is getting really stupid
Stock Gaping up +$2.00 Let this pop at open possibly towards $8.50-$9+ watch for topping then look to short this for a 2p point pullback, this could run right at open on short squeeze if it does, let it rip then watch for topping I think this fades back to $6.50 area

4) $APOP announce breakthrough Clinical Studies (7.12)
Stock Gaping up +$6 I would look to fade this news, would consider taking a SMALL starter short at $13.50 give it room to $15 at the open I think in the end this will end up around $9 and under, also note they filed for a 5.46 Million share offering on the 29th but have not set price, I think they knew this was coming and are setting up to get a higher price on stock

5) $CMCM Gaping up on NO NEWS!!!! (11.40) BLINDFOLD Trade
Stock Gaping up +$2.90 I would actually look to short this gap up here at $14 with room to add at open look for this to fade back to $12.50 and under before going long. In the end this is up on NO NEWS and should be able to pop and fade back and fill the gap

6) $ZUMZ SSS Up Plus Nice #Earnings (20.50)
Stock Gaping up +$3.50 I like the beat and the numbers, would love to fade this off on Profit taking back to $21.50 and under any pop at open I would consider shorting the stock back down so if you want to nibble some here at $23.45 add on pop give it room possibly to $25 have a nice average then look for this to gap fill back down on profit taking

7) $LB Lowers guidance disappointing Earnings (58.16)
Stock Gaping down -$6 2 ways to play this, this pulls at open hard to $50 and under then go LONG and play a quick 3pt bounce or more before shorting the stock again, if this pops thru $53 at open chase a few should get to $55+ before fading off, this is a tricky play BUT let it breathe at open and look for that set up you should be able to nail this.

8) $WWE Wells Fargo Tags an Outperform Rating and issues a $43PT from $20 (30.77) BLINDFOLD Trade
Stock Gaping up +1 I like this to pop at open maybe thru $32-$32.50 then eye the nice pullback on it then look for bottom curl around $31 and under and go LONG and would love for this to have an all day slow move to $33.50-$35 today should be fun

9) $ENR DB Tags a Buy rating with $58PT from $50 (48.40)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 would love to scale in some short here at $49.90 room to $51 at the open and look to gap fill this quick back to $48.70 and under then look to go long for an all day slow move to the upside. Should be fun

10) $DPZ Oppenheimer ups PT top $220 and Credit Suisse also upgrades and issues PT $220 (191.66)
Stock Gaping up +7.50 I WOULD CONSIDER SCALING IN SHORT HERE AT 199 WITH ROOM TO ADD AT THE OPEN TO 202 have a nice average and look for this to at least gap fill back down to $193.50 or under then bottom curl then look to go LONG, DPZ isn’t ULTA and should fill the gap at least 3-4pts to the downside before legging up.

Notable Calls:

$COGT Stupid stupid stupid news regarding BlockChain (4.75) Gaping up +$4 I would just fade this back to $5 no other words needed!

$OSTK Gaping up +$2.75 (70.07) would scale in SHORT at $73 and look for a nice 2-3 point pull at the open then watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it.

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