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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/26/18

1) $LMFA (1.77) Stock gapping up on news. If this pulls back to 2 I would look to take some long on a bounce. If this breaks the premarket high on open this has room to 3.71 area. Look to sell your longs into that/ take some short, if short TIGHT stops. Former runner people

2) $LTBR (3.43)Gapping down, If this pops at all to 3.2-.5 look to scale in some short, should be an all day fader/ Pulls to 2.1-2.2 on open eye a bounce.

3) $INTC (45.3) On earnings, If this stock pops to 50-51 look to take this short back down to the 47 area. If this stock pulls to 47-46.5 look to take some long for a 1-2 pt bounce

4) $BABA Gapping up, breaking all time highs, looking for cont to the upside. Pull back to 197 I would look to take some long for a  bounce back through the 200 mark. If this pops on open to 204-205 would look to take some short for a 200 retest

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