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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/24/18

1) $OHGI Popping 1 Horizon acquires 123wish looks like this former runner wants to be loved today (1.70)
Stock Gaping up +.60 would scale in some long look for a pop at open possibly to $3+ then look for the sell off on it back down to gap fill, this will need good volume to run today, but so far so good lets play with it first.

2) $CERS Reports positive Phase 3 transfusion study (4.33) “This was a study be aware hence the early morning sell off”
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 this should sell off at the open to $4.75 and under then look for a possible push and run on it, if this pops at open and flags thru $6 go LONG on it I think with volume this should run nice if volume kicks in behind it. Then I will let you know areas of interest to sell, in the meantime let it flush out first from $5.80

3) $VRX Goldman Tags a SELL rating and $18 PT Piper follows with $12PT (22.30) I nailed this, this morning for .48 cents short
Stock Gaping down -$1 I love this call, so right now I think 2 ways this plays out, this pulls hard at open to $20 and under then a massive short squeeze give this is a Goldman call, OR this squeeze right at open back thru $22+ and we start scaling in short for a nice all day slow move over the next few days to $18 and under I want this with size BUT before I can have fun it needs to set up first

4) $ROKU LONG overnight from $42 I told you all you would wake up to money it hit $43.80 +$1.5PT (42.62)
Stock Gaping up +$1 I like to see this actually small pop more at open possibly thru $45+ then look for this to sell off back down to $41 and under then play a 2 point pop then fade again, remember if this touches $40-$41 go LONG on it on a swing and add if it dips this will be a gift. Trust me to the long side

5) $PBYI Risky Trade Risky Trade Risky Trade do NOT play this if you have a weak heart (90.90)
Stock Gaping down -25 POINTS I would like to see this pull at open towards $60-$62 at the open once this begins to sell off, if this downs go long and play a nice 4-7point bounce on it, if this pops at open, the most I see on it is $72-$75 on short covering before shorting the stock for a nice fader. This is down alot, I think we see more downside on it, but before we do lets see how it sets up

6) $OSTK think we see higher on this today maybe towards $85-$90+ 2nd day of MOX normally gets a nother day to play (80.90)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 short the $82 area room to $84 at the open bring it back down to $78-$79 then go long on it for a nice play to the upside possibly 3-5 points or more, if this pops a ton at open let it rush thru $85 then nail it short for 3-5 points for quick money either way before this sets up long we need to attack it on the downside and make our quick money shortin git.

7) $WATT gaping up on 2.2 million on $18 offering already completed (15.84) this warrants our attention something going on
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 I like to see this pop at open maybe thru $18-$19 spot on it then look for a decent pullback and bottom curl then look to go long, I’m thinking if we see $16.35 on it or lower we get a shot at it today for more upside towards $20 I like the news today.

8) $UAL Earnings Beat but language in report on call not so good (77.97)
Stock Gaping down -$6 2 ways to play this, we take a few LONG here at $71 area room to add at open to $69 play a quick 3-4pt bounce then we fade it all day back to lows, or let it pop at open rush on short covering back to $74-$75 then we get in and short it for an all day fader, I think we pop it first short cover some then fade it

9) $TXN Earnings Miss (119.89)
Stock Gaping down -$9 points would like to see a nice pop at open towards $114-$115 then look for this to sell off on an all day fader, if this yanks at open hard to $108 and under go long on it, I would love the pull at open first then go long and bounce it, but if it pops I will let it run towards the $114-$115 then short it.

10) $AAL Being hit on UAL Numbers I would play the bounce on this back to $57+ (58.95)
Stock Gaping down -$4 I would take some long at $5.75 room to add at the open to $55 and under and look for a solid move to $57-$57.50 or more at the open.

Notable Calls:

$DAL Being hit on UAL Numbers I would play the bounce back to $56.50-$57 take a starter at $54.35 area add on dips and expect a nice rebound for 2-3points on it.

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