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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/17/18

1) $AEZS Enters into Licensing agreement with SBBP (2.07) SHORT idea
Stock Gaping up +.80 imo any pop at open on sheep chasing this is a solid short idea back to $2.10-$2.15 and under terms of the agreement were not disclosed so $AEZS could be entering agreement working for FREE hence the early morning sell off.

2) $NURO Collaboration with GSK (1.72) Collaboration means SHORT in AC
Stock Gaping up $1.20 IMO any pop at open watch for topping to $3.50+ spot then look to get in there and short it back to $2 and under, if this pulls at the open at all and lower lows set in immediately look for the sell off back to $2 area, In the end I think this just pops and fades and they do possibly an ATM. If I see it getting ready to run, I will nail the flag and push

3) $NEWA BlockChain Crap and PR to “develop” blockchain applications (15.80) Up on thin air imo STUPID
Stock Gaping up +5.20 IMO any pop at open I would consider shorting this back to $16.50 and under so if this pops look for a $22.50-$24 spot then watch the topping on it then shred it, because its up thin, be careful it could drop like a hammer at the open back to $16.50 and under then make a small run, so be aware. This will be interesting how this plays out today.

4) *****$AVXS Nomura Drops the hammer on this tells investors to dump shares with a $52PT (105.01)
Stock Gaping down -$2 this is pulling but the short idea is at $103 and add on any pop I think this flushes down to $95 right at open then look to short cover back up and squeeze to $102.50+ then scale in SHORT for an all day bleeder, If this pops at all at open back to $103.50 consider it a gift then look for the nice pull and sell off all day!!! I love this for a 10 point play or more to the downside

5) $BLUE Gaping up on $JUNO News (163.35) You know me, I like to always short the gap ups on stocks the ride coattails
Stock Gaping up +$12 I would consider taking short at $175-$177 area give it room to pop and breathe at the open then watch for a nice 5-6 point gap fill pull. If this pulls at open would grab some short and chase it back to $167-$168 area, either way I think this gives back today some of its gains

6) $HALO Having smog abstract issues DB lowered PT to $19 from $21 (19.74)
Stock Gaping down -$3 I would like to see some short covering squeeze at the open towards $18-$18.75+ then watch for topping on it then look to short it back to $17 and under, if this small pops at open then pulls down and lower lows set in watch for the sell off to $16-$17 IF this pulls hard at open again to $15 like it did in pre-market go LONG and play the easy 2 point bounce on short covering

7) *****$SQM Citi ups this to a BUY rating with a $69+ PT (58.59)
Stock Gaping up +$3 I would take a few short here at $61.50 room to $62.70+ at the open then look for this to sell off and gap fill back to $59.50 and under then look to go LONG on it. I like the call and the upgrade BUT before leg up WE need to gap fill it first so this should be easy money to pull down then bottom curl then look to go long on it.

8) $ADNT JV to build seats for Boeing (81.90) Interesting d/g from Baird from $92 to $81 on this JV hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Stock Gaping down -$6 I would take a few long here at $74 level room to add at open to $72 then look to gap fills this back to $77-$78 watch for topping then look to fade this all day long back to lows, in the end I think this pops and gap fills on the pullback then fades, lower it pulls better the play for us to the upside before shorting it

9) $ASML Earnings beat (186.38)
Stock Gaping up +$13 POINTS would have shorted this at $199 no matter what and sell this off into the conference call should go back all the way to $190-$192 before bottom curl then possible bounce back to highs……remember this is already up 10 Points from yesterday so if this breaks $190 expect more downside on a short, right now dump into the call

10) $ULTA Morgan Stanley bumps this Overweight from Equal Weight with $285PT from $230 (237.12)
Stock Gaping up +$9 I would wait for open and see if this pops thru $250+ then look for a nice 5-7 point short on it on some gap fill, if this starts to pull at open immediately chase a few back to $240-$241 and under then look to go long, I think it’s ok to buy weekly 250-255 calls on this upgrade

Notable Calls:

$JUNO Potential offer from CELG (45.60) Lets see if this pops again towards $73-$75 then we watch for topping then consider shorting it, no offer has been accepted and multiple analyst think its more in the $90-$100 range so if this pops and breaks out thru $73-$74 look for this to head higher, if this pulls more then look for a gap fill to $62-$63 on it imo

$ROKU Told all of you to go LONG at $38.70 EXPECT the stock to open strong today to $41.50 then sell it all for great money. You want to wake up to money. YOU will this morning (38.70)


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