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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/11/18

1) $SECO mention of Blockchain in there PR this morning Company is similar to EBAY and is based in China (9.91)
Stock Gaping up +$6 Crazy stock but its very thick this morning, I would expect a little more at open maybe we see $18-$20 on it before a decent pullback. I’m looking for a solid pull to $13-$14 at the open if I’m going to lean into it short. Let this show you what it wants to do, I personally hope for pop, fade, sell off and then bottom curl for more for later on.

2) $MGI Money Gram signs Deal to work with Currency Ripple (12.12)
Stock Gaping up +$5 I would wait for a small pop at open followed by a nice pullback on profit taking to $12.50-$13 spot then nibble some long on a possible bottom curl then slow move back to highs, this is a cheap stock and this news is not really huge imo but enough to get some volume in it and a decent move to the upside.

3) $RELL Earnings Beat (6.93) Thin stock
Stock Gaping up +$1.10 I would prefer to see this pop a little at open towards $8.50 or more at the open then top off then look to fade this back to $7.25 and under, if this pulls at open immediately to $7 and under on gap fill go LONG and look for a nice 1 point to the upside or more.

4) $PRGS Earnings Beat (43.67) “Blindfold Trade” imo
Stock Gaping up +$4 I would take some short at $47.50 area room to add at the open if it comes then look for a nice gap fill to $45 and under for quick money, should be fun on filling the gap stock is up thin and should pull quick at the open for quick money

5) $XRX WSJ details is in talks with FUJIY regarding change of control (30.35)
Stock Gaping up +$2 I would like a nice short in this and just look to fill the gap back to $30.50-$30.75 at the open right now stock heading towards $33+ area if it touches that would nibble some short for sure and once we get a lower lows candle set in the stock should fade nicely and fill the gap.

6) $KBH Earnings Beat (34.35)
Stock Gaping up +$1.65 I would consider nibble a few short here at $36+ level with room to add at the open, looks like it could push to $37 BUT $KBH always has a habit of filling there gaps a lot of bag holders are holding this stock and will want to get paid some, so I would look for a small pop and decent pull on it back to $34.70 and under then bottom curl on it then back to highs.

7) $RH Loop Tier 3-4 Firm Tags a $120 PT from $101 (91.48)
Stock Gaping up +$2.25 I like the gap up to be filled back to $91.75 and under for quick money then bottom curl then leg up, anytime you get a Tier 3 firm gets popped and faded back on a gap fill for 2 points or more. So watch for it.

8) $HMNY Down on 60million convertible notes BUT will partner with iHeartMedia (9.17)
Stock Gaping down -$1.25 would take a few long at $7.85 area look to add on dips to $7 and would consider swing in this, $HMNY is always in play and always has new to pop it. I think today is buy on weakness and hold in a swing account for a few days while it recovers and bounces back to $9+ if it does push out hard of the gate towards $9 take your money and run

9) $EXPE Morgan Stanley tags an overweight on this BUT lowers the PT to $160 from $170 (127.18)
Stock Gaping Up +$4 Points I would be short at $131 room to add at the open and look for a nice gap fill sell off at the open towards $128 or under then look for a nice leg up on it. I wouldn’t be buying up here on this 4pt gap I would like to fill the gap first and since its thin up here should be easy to gap fill at the open quick. If this pops at open to $133 don’t be afraid just get in there and short it

10) $OSTK Gaping up Bitcoin down (79.70) Buy on weakness type play today if it sells off like I think it might.
Stock Gaping up +.80 I personally think this will pull at open after any initial pop, if it pulls look for 3-4pts on the pullback IF we are lucky and see $75-$76 I would nibble long on it and look for a nice push for 4-5 pts to the upside quick, more the pull at open better the play for us for quick and fast money

Notable Calls:

$UAL Gaping up +1.20 (73.08) would short this small gap up here at $74.20 room to $75 at the open gap fill it quick back to $73.25 for fast money then look to go long for another leg up.



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