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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/16/18

1) $IZEA announces commencing Alt-Coin Crypto Mining Operations (5.86) STUPID just a matter of time
Stock Gaping up +$2 imo any pop at open or push out of the gate watch for topping but I think this just fades all the way back to $6 and under, Its already feeling the pressure, but given lack of small cap play let this pop at open, push watch for topping I’m hoping $8.50-$9 and we shred it. If it small pops and pulls lean into it, it will begin to fade

2) ******$ONCE MY favorite WEDBUSH Slashes PT to $35 to Underperform (52.86)
Stock Gaping down -$2.10 I want this, trading thin right now. Sat for 40mins at $50.50 no fills short, so I will wait for any gap fill at open towards $51-$52 then lean into it SHORT for an all day fader on it, if this yanks at open fast to $48 area or under I will go long play the quick bounce then look for a nice slow fader to lows. Should be an all day fader on this.

3) $LX Goldman Tags a BUY rating with $21PT as well as Deutsche Bank also $21PT (13.89)
Stock Gaping up +$1 I like the call would actually nibble a few LONG here at $14.80 give it room to gap fill back to $13.80 carry an nice average I’m looking for stock to hit $16+ on this call should be fun. If you want to wait for the pop and drop dont be surprised if it hits $16 at open then look for the pullback on it. Then bottom curl then look to go long on it

4) $EIGR FAIL FAIL FAIL Phase 2 did not meet Endpoint (16.00)
Stock Gaping down -$6 would nibble a few short here at $10 with stops at $11 give it room this may short cover then fade, I am looking for this to pull all the way to $7.50-$8 and under with a 50% haircut or more before entertaining any kind of bounce on it. Although this isnt the nail in the coffin since its Phase 2 I still would like to see more sell off, if it pops thru $10.50+ look for a slow move to $12 then fade

5) ******$ASML Credit Suisse upgrades stock to OUTPERFORM from Neutral from 152 Euros to $180 Euros (180.87)
Stock Gaping up +$7 would lean into this SHORT here at $187 with room to add at the open to $189 if it comes add a few more and look for this to gap fill back to $182-$183 and under, I like the call but the stock is up quite a bit and will need to gap fill first imo before legging up

6) $OSTK #Bitcoin down HUGE today (78.95)
Stock Gaping down -$4 Points 2 ways to play this. small nibble long here at $74.70 a see if we gap fill to $76.50 at open on short covering, if it pulls at open expect $70-$71 spot watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it for a quick 3-4pt pop on squeeze

7) $MRK Phase 3 meets primary endpoint on KeyNote 189 (58.66)
Stock Gaping up $2.10 I would like to see a nice small pop at open towards $62.50-$63 then watch for topping I’m looking for this to sell off some and fill the gap to $59.50 and under, This is MRK 1 of 100’s of drugs so although news is nice I would be looking for the pullback and gap fill more then the pop and run.

8) $SPI establishes blockchain infrastructure (.63) WOW anything with the word Blockchain
Stock Gaping up +$1 I would like to see this pop at open push a little and sell off all day fader to .70 cents and under, a ton of bag holders on this stock imo this should just pop and fade, higher it goes at open with chaser just watch for topping and look to fade it.

9) $ARGX Gaping down offered 4.4 million at $52 (70.52)
Stock Gaping down -$5 would take a few LONG at $65.50 room to add at open then look for this to pop thru $68 for some gap fill, should be fast and easy, if for some reason this pulls at open to $63 area look to go LONG and play a nice 3+ point bounce on it.

10) $UNH Earnings Beat (228.64)
Stock Gaping up +$6 this morning died down a little to $230 I would actually take a few LONG t $230.50 area room to add at the open pullback and look for this to go back to $236-$237 imo or more. I think this is a buying opprtunity imo down here

Notable Calls:

$FNSR Goldman Sachs has a sell rating with $16PT from $19 look to lean into it short at $21.50 add to $22.50 at the open if it comes and look to fade it back down to $19-$20 spot. Stock gaping down -$1 this morning

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