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Awesomecalls.com – Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 1/10/18

1) $KODK WOWZA Nice continuation from Yesterday still see more upside (6.80)
Stock Gaping up +$5.20 I would love to see this pop at open and squeeze hard to $13-$14 at the open followed by a decent pullback on profit taking then look for a nice bottom curl maybe we see $10 on it or lower, Its all about the curl. Those that overnighted LONG nice work and nice payday YOU don’t need to work today. Stock has potential to continue to run to $15-$20 so be careful on shorting it

2) $COGT LOL But another crazy stock idea “Launches NEW Blockchain Solutions Division (5.10) Such nonsense but nonsense moves
Stock Gaping up +.80 would actually consider a nibble here at $5.80 give it room I think we could see this pop hard at open and possibly flag and run, cheap stock already hit $8.50 looking to retrace that, Not much for small cap pumping rooms so I think many chats may be on this one this morning to push it. Lets see how it opens before getting too excited,

3) $HMNY Continued Strength this morning (7.16)
Stock Gaping up +2.30 I like to see a nice push at open towards $10-$10.50+ then look for a decent profit taking sell off to $8.50 and under look for bottom curl on it then lets see if we get another run on it towards $11 HMNY can run traders but right now we have to wait for it to settle down a little before we size in, but definitely in play today.

4) $SEII Implementing Blockchain Ideas (8.08)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 I would like to see small pop at open possibly thru $10-$10.50 then look for ideal pullback on gap fill profit taking to $8.50 and under if it comes then look for a nice bottom curl on it then look to go LONG I will be watching pops and flag breakouts with volume so should be fun today. If it pops and lower lows set in then we will just short it and fade it back down.

5) $EPZM Morgan Stanley puts an Overweight on the stock with $20PT (12.50)
Stock Gaping up +$1.10 I like to see this pop a little more at the open towards $14+ scale in SHORT gap fill it right back to $13 and under or more and then watch for bottom curl on it then look to go LONG for an all day slow move to $15+ let it set up for us. should be fun

6) $ROKU I want this on weakness so LOOK for a pull down today and load up long on a swing (44.73)
Stock Gaping down -$1.60 would nibbles some LONG here at $43.20 area room to add on any pull at open then look for a short covering squeeze possibly thru $44.50+ then look for this to sell off and fade would love to nail $40-$41 today on weakness then buy and hold on swing idea, If this yanks at all at the open to $41-$42 look to go LONG on it and bounce it

7) $AMRH WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to expand with offering blockchain solutions (3.42) Stupid but guess what STUPID runs in this market
Stock Gaping up +$6 Are you kidding me. Look for this to pop a little more at open possibly to $9.50-$10 then look for a decent pullback on it to $6.50-$7 then we will watch the pop and flag on it then look to go LONG if this gets the buyers on it, then I will call it out and see if it can rip thru $12+ if lower lows set it after initial pop then look to short it for quick points

8) $UAL 2 upgrades this morning Citi at $90 $130 at Stifle (68.48)
Stock Gaping up $2 I would like to see strong pop at open maybe we see $71.50+ then scale in SHORT for a nice gap fill back to $69 area then look to go LONG I would be buying calls on this $75 weekly’s this should run over the next few days on this call.

9) $WDAY Morgan Tags a buy rating with $145 PT from $108 (109.70)
Stock Gaping Up +$3 points watch for a pop at open to $114-$115 then watch for topping on it then gap fill it down to $110-$111 or under then look to go long on it. I would consider buying $117-120 Calls on this with this upgrade.

10) $OSTK Gaping down on Bitcoin being down (78.98)
Stock Gaping down .78 would take some long at $78 and look for a solid pop on short squeeze from yesterday’s sell off maybe we get $82-$83 at the open or more. Should be fun.

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