A leader is built by the profits of his followers

Aj!!! 2nd day in the Room the pre market notes aré helping me so much on how stocks react to certain news and how big or small the gaps are and how the stock will respond the fundamental aspect you bring to us cuts the learning curve so much for new traders like me, thanks!!! Did 1 paper trade today and had to go work, super busy day just got a chance to email you but shorted GILD after It went under yesterday's low at 92.74 avg and covered at 87.30 hit my profit stop! Really appreciate what you do happy holidays for you and your family!! In 2015 one of my resolutions is to become a really good trader and consistently make money so I can trade all day and not have to work my real job lol also hope to meet you later on in the 2015 once I'm profitable!! Probably not trading for the rest of the year but will study a lot! Happy holidays Aj!

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