A leader is built by the profits of his followers

AJ, This is my second week in this trading room. I am new in trading and started my journey at the end of August in two other trading rooms. It was such a wast of time and money! What can I say? I am down 15K by making lots of mistakes and had no one to learn from or guide me through the trades. I am very happy with last week’s results as I did not loose. I made some money than I gave it back. I went through my trades and realized that I was chasing stocks, and going back to the same stocks… Today I made $1100 trading RGLS. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will gain my confidence back and will be able to recoup my losses and make much more $$$ for my 3 beautiful girls. I really want to succeed and will do whatever it take. Thank you for all your hard work, patience, and dedication. You are just amazing mentor with a big personality. I am so blessed by finding this trading room. It is True Awesomeness!!!!

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