A leader is built by the profits of his followers

Hey boss, I hit my goal for this month. I told myself I would make 10k in January, you better believe I hit it... and surpassed it. I love AwesomeCalls, as I became a better trader, I have dreamed of owning my own educational trading site one day, and honestly, I've been in many rooms and many worthless trading courses, but ever since I joined AwesomeCalls last year, it was revolutionary for me, it's made me want to stay.. for a very long time, if not my entire trading career. Rather than someday opening a website to help traders like yourself, I would like to be apart of the BEST trading website in the world, AwesomeCalls. I see every mod in here as family who watches out for each other and I would like to be apart of it. I want to see traders succeed like I have with my strategy that I developed with Bman and trading in AwesomeCalls over time. Bman mentioned me in his PR video as the trader with raw talent and I was proud for my recognition.. and before you go to bed, I want to ask if you can consider offering me a moderator position now or down the road. Showcasing a trader who was in many rooms before and became consistently profitable will be phenomenal for Awesome Calls, really will speak well on Awesome Call's behalf. Additionally, a teacher at my school learned that I was a trader, and I showed him a few of my things and was very impressed with my trading.. he asked me to present a presentation to my schools economic classes, mind you we are a Private School who take classes after regular classes, and I would love it if I can present myself as a moderator of AwesomeCalls and introduce my school to AwesomeCalls and show what some capital can produce with the right guidance. Nonetheless, if you choose to decline my offer, I still love Awesome Calls just as much. See you in chat Monday, goodnight. Ramiro Quezada
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