A leader is built by the profits of his followers

Your the most genuine person I ever had the pleasure of trading with, this past 2 months I slowly tried working my way into trading full time, I have been in the game since I was 17, I'm 26, lost a lot but like yourself I am a sponge. And now I truly feel like I have found my home. I got rid of all my other noise yesterday after getting hosed for 3000$ on GLUU..... And it's because I didn't listen to you. But I was distracted by other noise. Then I made a promise to myself yesterday that I was going to get rid of the noise and truly learn how to succeed. I feel more confident everyday and I am not one to get shaken out by moves but I sometimes have the wrong bias, that's where I feel you truly help me. My mindset is changing. And it's truly because of you, not because of this guy. Imagine if I had not gotten rid of alerts.
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