A leader is built by the profits of his followers

Hey Aj did not have a good day trading today to NO fault of you or any mods. Took a trade on go pro heavy on margin when it ran up on me got shaken out only to have it collapse few minutes later would have made 2000 bucks took -600 loss but Big J took his time and explained to me where i went wrong when you went on break and even though i took a loss I personaly feel I gained 10x more insight to my trading style i am trying to reach. I know i am trading scared and not having the confidence to pull the triger when you say too...just stupid jaded head of mine from getting crushed on the other boards that it left me with no trading confidence.You are rebuilding me bro and to my profound greatfullness i will overcome this bump in my path. I want to be able to trade fearlessly i know i am getting there but got to overcome this stupid anxiety. I know i can do this already have gained so much..just slap me out of this mental state lol That is why i go on the war path and just bash the pumpers on the other boards when they trash talk about you. You are amazing trader wish i would have started with you 3 months ago. Would have never lost 18k so fast man but 2 weeks with you recovered about 4k so we are getting there brotha Thank you Aj Your bro Luis
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