A leader is built by the profits of his followers

AJ, I can see the hand writing on the wall for me. I have made a lot of strides in the 4 months trading. I won't go into details of the ways I have improved and I am no where near where I want to be but I do see it. It is because of you and your crew. All in all I am close to being even for the 4 months which is fine because I know what I do wrong and am working to improve. For instance, yesterday I was in the green almost $3000 just to give most back by over trading. I am not upset because I know what I did and I will get better. I am very happy to be a part of this and will continue to share how I am doing in the room and Twitter. Trading is all I think about these days because I am still new and learning. I look forward to the coming years and finding my own trading style. I am 6 months away from being able to use my retirement. I will probably be a trader who works in the morning, go play golf or tennis and be back for Power Hour. At least that is what I hope to be. All this is possible because of you and your mods. Big Thanks!
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