A leader is built by the profits of his followers

First, any trader interested in joining AJ in AwesomeCalls should read Katie's review several times; I am familiar with Katie's experience and she presents a fair and accurate description of the daily intraday & swing (multi-day) trade opportunities, so no need to reinvent the wheel. Now, go back & read my first sentence again & repeat. I've been trading stocks and managing family accounts for 36+ years & trading options for 20+ years. After success as a full time private trader I sought more knowledge & training to compete against the hedge funds & computerized trading algos, or trade bots, as the landscape was changing along with market structure (dark pools, ETFs, flash crashes, etc.). I joined an option room and several months later noticed AJ on twitter - there was something very different about AJ. You could feel his charisma & passion for trading just by reading his tweets. I soon found myself spending more time following AJ & his tweets than I did the moderators in the option room, which I left to trade on my own again. AJ promised he would start a service unlike any other. He did and I am proud to be one of his first sign ups, even though I was not in a position to actively participate in his service. I did not care that I was paying for a service I was not able to use because I had great faith in AJ and his unique abilities as a trader & I wanted to support him in his new venture. It was, however, AJ's commitment as a single father to his teenage son that clinched the deal for me. Talk is cheap, but character runs deep. At the same time I was researching high performance training to enhance my trading and other pursuits. I meticulously studied all the great traders of this century and last and soon realized there was one right in front of me. What sets AJ apart from the crowd, however, is his unique ability as a motivator. One of the greatest modern traders uses Tony Robbins as a motivator & to enhance performance; its a modern day arms race on the trade battlefield & the self-teaching trade bots know no remorse or pity. I commented to the AC family the other day that not only is AJ a great trader, but he is a wonderful motivator & teacher. AJ embodies all of the essentials for high performance effort & trading: he has a routine, schedule, style, strategy, tactics & ability to execute his trade plans. AJ is relentless in his search for trade set ups & real time opportunities and tireless in execution of his business and providing the highest quality customer service. I worked on Wall Street for 25 yrs & participated in guarantying over $70 billion of debt issues & negotiated complex derivative transactions with all of the top tier Wall Street firms & major foreign and domestic banks. In all those years I never met someone like AJ. Wall Street likes to talk, but most can't do the walk. I have gratitude for what AJ has accomplished because it has allowed me to reunite with my best option trader friends in a trade room where the focus is on trading equities, but our options experience & abilities compliment & enhance the equity trades. I realized early on that there was great opportunity to leverage my option trading with AJ's unique intraday & swing equity skills. AC truely is a trade family. If you are trading for a living or just starting out, I don't think you will find any service that holds a candle to the power of the AC trade family when AJ's on the hunt in real time. AJ, this is my gift to you from the heart on your one year anniversary. You earned it, one trade at a time. Congratulations on your success! You stand in your own light.
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