A leader is built by the profits of his followers

AJ - Just want to send you a note of thanks. I very much appreciate your room, the moderators, and how you run it. I have been a professional trader since 2001 with periods of good, bad, and even great success. Experience only goes so far - you guys are my screen for new ideas and things to look at all day long. You and the rest of the mods generate hundreds of ideas throughout the day that are worth a look - really has been AWESOME! The group is also a fantastic second opinion / sanity check to boost my confidence to increase size - or even skip some ideas. Most critically for me - you reminded me how important it is to DATE positions and not own them. I had been taking a few dings riding things too long as we went into this volatile period. That was when I almost left the room. I have since shed those hangups and have been making money every day since. While the room might only count for a fraction of my trades - it has helped realign my style with the current market and that has made all the difference. anyway - we get too busy during the day. just wanted to send that off to you. Outside of the room I am actively trading several thousand option contracts a day across a few hundred symbols with my long time trading partner (we are not market makers anymore - these are prop volatility bets). I try to chat things I see - but man when it is busy - it really is busy these days. see you in the room tomorrow. thanks again Adam
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