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A Leader is Built by the Profits of his Followers

1) $VTGN Oppenheimer out with a $6PT (.97) This is unusual for a $1 stock to get Oppenheimers u/g like this
Stock Gapping up +.80 would nibble some LONG think we get a pop thru $2 on this or more at the open then this should pullback and bottom curl to $1.40 and under then we can look to go long the stock for a move back thru $2-$2.50 this has decent volume to move

2) $ZOES Earnings Disaster (14.47)
Stock Gapping down -$4.30 would nibble some LONG at $10.15 room to $9.50 looking for a short covering bounce to $11-$11.50 then possible all day fader on it.

3) $EGHT Earnings Miss (22.05)
Stock Gapping down -$2.50 I like to see small pop at the open towards $21-$21.50 then look for it to all day fade off the earnings miss, if this pulls at the open to $18-$18.50 and under look to

1) $SBOT Company achieves Robust Viral Clearance for Manufacturing Process (2.18) Former runner has a $4 gap to fill
Stock Gapping up +.40 cents on the news I like to see a push at open possibly thru the $3 spot then small pullback then possible runner on it, Volume is good right now, tons of eyes on it and I think we get a decent push on it, lets see how it runs at the open

2) $MRNS Baird out with a BUY and $15PT (5.23)
Stock Gapping up +.30 would nibble a few long here at $5.50 BUT have room to $5 spot if it comes looks like it was bought into yesterday and the day before but this is the 2nd $15+ PT this week alone, maybe today we get $6-$6.60 on it to the upside

3) $REPH Receives CRL letter from the FDA (12.42)
Stock Gapping down -50% would nibble

1) $AVGR Receives FDA clearance on there device (1.29) Small Cap Chatrooms will push this crap today
Stock Gapping up +.65 think we see move thru $2-.$2.50 possibly at the open then look for topping on it then look for decent profit taking pullback on it and fade it, IF this pulls at open hard to $1.50 and under watch the whipsaw and buyers may come in and this could run nice today. One to watch for sure………..

2) $VNDA Citi puts a BUY rating with a $26Pt (16.80)
Stock Gapping NONE, no MM’s on it yet, look for this to open to $18 then look to go short and gap fill it back down to $17 and under then look to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside

3) $CARA Develops and Commercialize CR485 also work with Vifor gets 50 mil upfront (11.60)
Stock Gapping up +$3

1) $BNFT 2.5 Million Offering by JP Morgan at $33.50-$34 (35.20) Stock gapping down -$2 would take some long at $33.20 and under add on dips if they come and hold it all day and even into tomorrow as this gets filled and goes back to $34.50-$35 Took 1k shares at $33.30 this morning will add on dips

2) $PLAB Earnings Beat (8.45)
Stock Gapping up +$1.55 look for a small pop at the open towards $10.50+ then look for profit taking pullback on it then look for a nice slow all day move to the upside, I would love for this to hit $9 and under on a bottom curl then we go long on it

3) $PSTG Mixed Earnings but many analyst are saying to buy the weakness (23.58)
Stock Gapping down -$2.20 would nibble the $21 area and lower if it comes and buy the weakness should give us a

1) $NBRV Positive Phase 3 News LONG at $5.77 on the un halt (5.43)
Stock gapping up think this runs for 1 full point or more then just simply look to short and gap fill it right back to $5.40 and under Phase 3 crap like this doesn’t hold so pop and get out and short it

2) $HEAR Wedbush out with a $20PT (15.97)
Stock Gapping up +$1 would nibble some long at $16.50 room to add look for a pop thru $17 at the open then look for a nice gap fill pullback sell off on it back to $16 area and under then watch for bottom curl, think this will be over quick

3) $PRTA Downgrade from Barclays to $12PT (15.28)
Stock Gapping down -$1 any pop at open towards $14.75-$15+ is a pure short so look for that, if this pulls at open then look for a nice

1) $LIVX Thin stock moved nice from $6 to $12.50 this morning, think it retraces back to $9-$10 (6.95)
Stock gapping down now -.05 been sitting on the bid for 40mins at $6.25 -75 cents below yesterdays close and still no fill think this pops at open towards $8 spot or more then sells off on profit taking then look for a nice slow move on it to the upside

2) $CARV Yesterdays nice run gapped up this morning and sold off its pre-market gains (11.00)
Stock Gapping up +$2.39 to $13.39 I think this will have a nice push at open would nibble some here at $10.30 area room to $9.50 if it comes and lets see if we can’t retrace pre-market highs on it. If this pops to $11 at the open look to go long and play it for a quick point or more then sell into the pop


1) $BLNK IMO this was a run this morning off of the $7.75 spot to $8.50 (6.98)
Stock gapping up +$1.53 in order for this to continue look for another pop at open towards $8.50 if it breaks that then we get $9 if it begins to pull at open to $7.90 look for this to gap fill on it imo for a slow fader

2) $JNCE Horrific Abstract News (17.67)
Stock Gapping down -$6 think we get a pop towards $13-$14 at the open on short covering then look to lean into this short and look to fade it all day long back to lows, mutiple downgrades already seeing as low at $11-$13 on it

3) $ACXM Earnings Miss (27.56)
Stock Gapping down -$3 think this simply gap fills at the open back to $26.50-$27 area then top it off then look for a potential slow fader all day back to

1) $GEMP Raymond James out with a $22PT and BUY rating on this stock (5.55)
Stock gapping up +$1.10 I like the call and would wait for the standard pop and gap fill pullback to $5.75 and under then look to go LONG on it for a slow all day move to $7-$7.50 on it today

2) $HEAR Gapping up and ready to play today as normal (17.82)
Stock Gapping up +$2 nice move towards $20 would wait for the small pop if it comes at the open then look to gap fill this back down to $18.50 and under watch for bottom curl then mover back thru $20+ Right now being up +$2 I would wait for some pullback on it before trying to play this

3) $RDVT Earnings Miss (9.94)
Stock Gapping down -$1.80 I would actually nibble some LONG at $8.70 with room to $7.70 at the open I

1) $CLWT decent numbers this morning on the stock (3.18)
Stock gapping up +1.40 would like to see this push a little more at the open towards $5-$5.50 if it comes then look for lower lows to set in then look for potential all day long on it should be fun

2) $PFNX Halted yesterday on positive 24 week results this is up thin and imo it should just be an all day fade
Stock Gapping up thin +$1.40 any pop at open if you can find shares look to fade this back down all day long to $6.25 and under to me this is nothing more then a pop and fade the news. Higher it pops watch for topping and look to short it, but right now It looks like a small pop and fade on it

3) $VIPS Slight Earnings miss Nothing huge (15.09) Typically when this hits $11.50 are on

1) $TNDM Ok ok ok ………Piper out with Overweight with $13PT from $8 (8.90)
Stock gapping up +.60 I think they will try and get this to $10 today so if this yanks at open and gap fills nibble a few but be aware I think this is propping for an offering to set price so for you shorts I would smile if this hits $10+ then look to possibly overnight it and short it in case the offering prices after the close

2) $HUYA Friday’s Great IPO told you all to overnight and sell the gap up (16.06)
Stock Gapping up +.85 I would like to see this pop , pull, bottom curl then look for this to head towards $17-$17.50 lets see how it sets up at the open

3) $SYMC Earnings MIXED Beat holding investor Briefing call today (19.52)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I would consider shorting this gap

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