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A Leader is Built by the Profits of his Followers

1) $CLNT enters an agreement with Marvel Finance swapping shares for ownership at $10+ for 51% interest (4.45)
Stock Gaped up +$6 should get past $10 on a squeeze would think $13-$14 is possible on shorts getting clobbered at open, However I do think this will sell off so wait for the standard chase and pop at open thru $13-$14 if it comes use ONLY 1/4 to 1/8 size watch for lower lows on the pull then look for a fader on it.

2) $GES Earnings Miss (17.95)
Stock Gaping down -$2 I actually would like to see a pop at open thru $16.50-$17 area if it comes then short it, if this pulls at open at $15 area or under look to go long and play a nice 1-1.5pt bounce on it. GES tends to gap fill before fading all day.

3) $BZUN Earnings Miss (35.54)
Stock gaping down -$2 I

1) $CLSN Oppenheimer Tags a BUY rating with $9PT (2.14) Took LONG last night on twitter at $2.50 Today woke up to Money
Stock Gaped up +$1.00 LOve the call now for those who already cashed out, stock May rip at open on chasers maybe to $4 spot, BUT will not rebuy unless we get a decent sell off on profit taking. This was a great Chatroom alert by Dave The Trader in Chat and Levi for announcing on Twitter, when I saw Levi put it out, I went LONG and I told everyone who follows me on Twitter what I was doing

2) $CYTK Phase 3 did NOT meet Primary Endpoint (11.10)
Stock Gaping down -$3 I like this to get gutted today and we $5 on it or under. This is a Phase 3 Miss and nothing can save this now, so if already in it look for more wreckage, if

1) $DCIX Gaping up due to lack of plays out their lets keep an eye on the pop and the drop (8.23)
Stock Gaped up +3 I like to see this pop more at the open thru $12 if it breaks thru that look for a quick move to $14 then a nice pop and sell off on it, I don’t think this will grind higher imo but just the short squeeze pop then fade back to $9.50 and under

2) $DGLY announce significant development in litigation (2.35) Stupid Stupid Stupid
Stock Gaping up +.70 JUST SHORT this crap. Any pop at the open is a joke and a gift but would take some now around $2.97-$3 spot add on any pop and look for an all day fader on it, more it pops at open consider it a Xmas gift. $DGLY always sells off their gaps no matter what!!!

3) $DDD

1) $DCIX Earnings Disaster BUT up 100% because we are in a SHORT squeeze Market (6.60)
Stock Gaped up +$6 Stock truly has NO business being up here, but we have to play the chart so imo I like to see this have a potential pop for a move to $14-$15 out of the gate followed by a serious pullback then we will watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it if we see the flags forming nicely, I’ll walk it up!

2) $VERI 8million 2nd coming (26.82) BlindTrade
Stock Gaping down -$1 would short $25.50 add on any pops out of the gate think this will sell off all the way to $20-$21 today on it so watch for a nice pull. If this yanks HUGE at open play the $20-$21 area and bounce it for 1-2 pts WE don’t know the actual price yet, but this will get

1) $CADC Earnings Beat PIG PLAY (2.15)
Stock Gaped up +$4.45 Stock has momentum and can run towards $7-$7.5+ at the open HOWEVER watch for a major pull and sell off, this is purely getting squeezed out right now and with CHFS yesterday everybody is looking and hungry for the next one so when shorting it look for that lower low to set in around $5.90 and under and nail it short for 2 pts or more.

2) $LEDS Earnings Beat (6.39)
Stock Gaping up +$2.10 this morning I like to see a nice pop at open towards $9 again then look for a nice pullback snap on it then look for bottom curl around the $6.75-$7.25 area then possible slow all day runner to $10+ or more. Let it set up for us, if taking some LONG here YOU must give it range to $6.75 and under on the morning sell

1) $MOSY small upgrade this morning to $3 but due to lack of Pig Plays smaller chatrooms will be chasing (1.45)
Stock Gaped up +.50 I would love to see this pop at open on short squeeze but imo even if it touches $2.50+ I would look to be an all day fader on it, I think this bump in PT and another day of volume is simply setting up for a nice upcoming ATM but dont marry it, this is for the SHORT sellers in here, so let it pop as much as it wants at the open then get in their and gut it.

2) $SORL WOW!!! Huge Beat….HUGE!!! (5.99) EPS .44 vs .18 revs 101mil vs 63mil Are you kidding me???
Stock Gaping up +$2.60 these numbers should take the stock to $10+ imo so at this point, we have to wait for the initial pop at open towards $9+

1) $ITUS has “executed” an agreement with Wistar (2.53) Really? Really? I executed an agreement last night I would eat dinner
Stock Gapped up +$1 Short Sellers enjoy any pop at open on Sheep chasing SHORT it imo back down to $2.50 and lower, doesn’t belong even close if taking now at $3.50 nibble some but prepared if sheep push this high in other chats due to lack of understanding the PR

2) $TGTX Interesting HC out with $35PT “assumed” Last week SunTrust out with $36PT (8.25)
Stock Gaping up +$.65 Normally I ignore assumed coverages BUT given this is the 2nd u/g to $35+ PT in the same week I can’t over look the gap up on this. Look for this to pop at open towards $9.50+ spot then look for a decent pullback on it like to get $8.75 and under then look to go long, I like to see this

1) $CREG Another day nice gap up in Pre-Market w/o offering yet this could have another day (5.85)
Stock Gaped up +$1.50 this morning all the way to $7.38 I would love to see pop and flag at the open thru $7 again if this dumps hard at the open watch for bottom curl under $5 this has decent volume already and looks like it wants to play with us again today. One to watch.

2) $NVFY HUGE HUGE Earnings Beat (1.77) Q3 Income of Nearly “900%” WOW, Volume really nice this morning as well
Stock Gaping up +$1 I would actually take some here LONG (nibble) at $2.80 give it .20 cents I would like to see this pop and flag at open and rush towards $3.50 mark or more then look for a decent sell off watch for lower lows and nail it short on the pullback if this pulls at

1) $CREG Another day this is the 2nd Day get to play it (3.75)
Stock Gaping up +90% I like to see a quick pop at open on the short squeeze like to see thru $8 if it comes then look for the nice profit taking sell off then we wait for the bottom curl with volume on it then we nail possibly 1 more move on it to $10 spot if this pulls and lower lows set in look for the stock to fade slowly all day back to $4.25 and under.

2) $IMMU Earnings Beat (10.44)
Stock Gaping up +$1.25 I like to see a small pop at open on this thru $12 spot or more then watch for topping then slow fader back to $10.60 and under on profit taking, This is up thin so watch for pop and pull if this pulls at open to same area then look


1) $KBSF This was an overnight LONG at $8.50 after the sell off yesterday Today 1 more day in it (8.22)
Stock Gaping up +$4.20 I like to see this pop a little more at open possibly to $13.50-$14 on it if you overnighted then you should already be done for the day. Then look for a nice pullback on it and then bottom curl it for a nice possible move towards $18 lets see how it opens, but so far doing EXACTY what I said it would do yesterday in here and on Twitter

2) $OTIC Earnings Mix + positive Phase 3 Trials (2.80)
Stock Gaping up +$3.35 Ok to play this I expect a small to medium pop at open towards $7+ then look for a nice possible selll off or profit taking pullback on it like to see this fade back to $4 and under, If this dumps at

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