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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 3/29/17

1)  $ATHX  William Blair Tags a BUY rating with $11PT (1.18)
Stock gapping up +.17 I would buy on any weakness or gap fill to $1.25 are if it comes and hold this for a few days, think this has a nice move on it today once it gets going. $11 PT means at least 2.50-$3 will hold this with $DRYS for a few days

2) $TNXP   Up on Nothing…seriously this is worse the $CBIO re hash old news stupid (4.14)
Stock gapping up +$3 all I can say is let it fly at open on Sheep buying junk to $8-$8.50+ maybe even $9 watch for topping then scale in SHORT and fade it back to $5.25 or under, if this pops small at open and lower lows set in then just get in their and fade it start small and add on any pops.

3) $SNOA  Clearance of Skin Descaler (7.08)  You know how I feel about Skin stuff always fades off.
Stock gapping up +$1.30 I will be watching the lower lows to set in at the open on any pop I think this just fades all the way back to $7.35 or under so watch for small pop to scale in short on topping. If this pulls hard at open chase a few and flush it to $7.35

4) $VRNT  Gaping up on #Earnings (39.55)
Stock gapping up +$3.20 I like to see this pop and fade off some on gap fill to $40.50 and under before we see a leg up, so watch for any pop at open to $43-$44 area watch it top off then scale in short on it, if this dumps at open to same are then look to go long on it

5) $CC  Jefferies Tags a BUY rating on it with $48PT from $35 (36.28)
Stock gapping up +$1.10 I like the range and the call but up too much, looks like they bought into this yesterday so I will look for this to pop at open to $37.75-$38.25 then look for a nice pullback on it to $35.80 then look to scale in a few LONG for slow move back up. Should be a nice short once it tops at open

6) $RH  Earnings Beat and Guidance (38.00)
Stock gapping up +$6.50 I would take a few short at $44.25 area room to add to $46 then look for a nice profit taking sell off to $40-$41 area or under then go LONG on it, a lot of bag holders BUT they also have been waiting for these numbers so wait for the small pop at open and lean into it short and fill some of that gap.

7)  $CYBR  Needham Tags a BUY rating with $62PT & Evercore Tags $60 PT (49.04)
Stock gapping none. If you can grab any of this under $49.50 I would take some and look for this to make a nice move to $51-$52+ on this call today. Just look for a nice grab at the open it will curl then scale in LONG on it for an all day slow move to the upside

8) $PLAY  Earnings Miss on Guidance (62.19)
Stock gapping down -$2 2 ways this pops at open to $61.50+ we scale in SHORT for an all day slow fader back to $59 and under, or if this pulls at open to $59 or under look to play a nice 1-2point bounce on it.

9) $VRTX   Phase 3 Met Primary endpoints (89.67)
Stock gapping up +$8 I like to see this pop more at open possibly to +$110-$112 on it or more then look for a small gap fill pullback to $100-102 or under then look to go long again, this is up quite a bit, but its Phase 3 so we need it to settle down a little, if this at all sells off and pulls at open to $102 area or under watch for bottom curl and scale in LONG on it for all day move to the upside

10) $FFIV   DB downgrades to SELL and Tags a $100 PT (147.13)
Stock Gapping down -$5 I like the call BUT I need this to pop at open on some short covering to $145+ area then scale in SHORT on it. If this pulls at open to $135-$136 at open play a nice 2-3point bounce on it before scaling in short again, this has nice range

Notable Calls:

$CBIO  This is crazy Tagged $20This morning (15.01) Gaping up +$5 I like to see this pop  a little at open then look for this to pull to $16 and under if it comes watch for some sort of bottom curl then take a few LONG I think the ATM is coming as I told you all yesterday I explained they need 1 more day of keeping this up to hit that 25-30mil threshold to tap into 5-7mil for the ATM  you will see

$SGMO  presentation on vitro (4.05) Gaping up .55 look for small pop at open then look to fade this back to $4.10 or under think this just sells off so watch for it


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