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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 9/28/17

1) $EDIT Gapin up again for NO reason (19.93)
Stock Gaping up +$1.10 I would scale in SHORT here like yesterday and look for this to gap fill back to $20 and under and nail it for quick money watch for bottom curl then look to go LONG on it.

2) $MARK Gaping up today on news from yesterday (3.81)
Stock Gaping up +.60 I would like to see this pop a little more at open to $4.50-$5 area then scale in SHORT and gap fill it back to $4 and under if this pulls at open to same area quick then look to go LONG on the bounce

3) $ITCI Offering 150mil at $15.50 (16.66) DAY TRADE ONLY
Stock gaping down -$1.80 I would nibble a few LONG at $14.95 room to add on a pull to $14.50 area then look to hold some and play a nice .,80-$1 point bounce on it. Lower it flushes at the open cause of size of offering would pick up the discount & go long

4) $ZYNE Phase 2 met endpoints in (clinical trial) (6.19) TOO many BagHolders on this stock be careful
Stock gaping up +$4.50 Problem with $ZYNE is too too many bag holders this should sell off quite a bit already has from $13 their are so many holding this I’m surprised it hasn’t gapped filled all the way, so look for a nice pop at open may run thru $13 again then watch for topping then nice sell off, if lower lows set in right away at the open fade it $8.50-$9 or lower

5) $HZNP Goldman Sachs Tags a BUY rating with $16PT (12.51)
Stock gaping up +.30 would take a few LONG here at $12.80 room to add on any pullback on it looking for a nice move to $13.50 possibly $13.90 area or more on this mention and call from Goldman

6) $DXCM Getting hit hard on $ABT News (67.47) RISKY TRADE use wide stops if playing the bounce
Stock gaping down -$20 pts I think this is overdone, I feel DXCM will come out and make a statement to defend their company this morning, I took a few long myself at $48.85 and will add on dips and give this room. I’m looking for some short covering for 3-5 pts on it or more

7) $ABT FDA approved Freestyle Glucose Monitoring System (52.15)
Stock gaping up +$2.50 I would like to see this pop more at the open possibly thru $55-$56+ then look for a decent 1-2pt pullback on it then look to go LONG on it for an all day slow move to the upside, already multiple upgrades on this this morning wait for it to set up after the pop on it

8) $RYB Yesterday IPO (25.90)
Stock gaping up +$1.50 to $27.27 I would wait for a pull at open to $26 and under then look to grab some long and play a nice rip out of the gate, more it gap fills in Pre-Market back to $26 spot or under go lONG this should rip out of the gate

9) $ENDP Goldman Tags a SELL rating with $7PT (9.04)
Stock gaping down -$.50 I would take a few SHORT here at $8.67 area room to add at the open look for topping on it around $9 spot if it comes then look for a potential all day fader on it to $8 or under this should get hit today hard imo

10) $THO Earnings Beat (119.99)
Stock Gaping up +$6 I would like to see a solid pop out of the open to $126 or more then watch for topping then scale in SHORT and gap fill this back down to $121 and under, I like the beat but think we get some decent profit taking, higher it goes better the short for us

Notable Calls:

$ROKU New IPO Priced 15.6Million shares at $14 I would like to see this open btwn $16-$18 a share a look to nail this for a few quick points at the open. If it opens at $25 Be very careful

$VERI think this just pops at open to $46-$48 tops around $50 area or under then fades all day towards $35 imo lets see how it opens on it today look for more to the downside imo


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