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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 8/17/17

1) $LB Earnings Miss, As I said last night they would miss on guidance! Today they pay for it (38.95)
Stock gaping down -2.60 I like to see this bleed out all day, so wait for any pop at open see if we get any short covering if we do get above $37+ I would start leaning in short and bleed it out all day, if this yanks hard at open to $34-$35 play the quick bounce then lean into it short, either way this should be an all day bleeder, expect numerous downgrades throughout the day!

2) $VIPS Earnings Miss (11.10)
Stock gaping down -1.00 Normally VIPS will bounce and recover on earning misses so look for any pull at open as an opportunity to bounce this back to $10.75+ if this pops at open look for it to gap fill back thru $10.75 then look to fade it, just remember the more this pulls at open then better the bounce on it.

3) $BGG Earnings Miss (24.09) Thin
Stock gaping down -$2 I like to see this pop at open I would take a few LONG here at $22 think this should quick pop on short cover back to $23-$23.50 then look for an all day bleeder on it, if this pulls at open hard to $21 and under watch for bottom curl then go long either way the stock will pop and recover some of these losses

4) $NTNX Jefferies Tags a NEW Buy rating with $30PT says stock is undervalued (21.73)
Stock gaping up .45 I like the call would even take some here LONG at $22.20 with room to add on any pullback at the open look for this to slow curl and head towards $23.25-$23.75 area today should give us at least 1pt or more on this call

5) $MYOK I like this on a pullback today stock gaping down (42.70) “Spartan Favorite”
Stock gaping down -.70 I like to see this flush at open if we can get under $41 I would take a few long and look for a nice slow move towards $43-$43.50 if this pops nice at the open thats fine let it pullback and we can nail a nice slow move curl to the upside

6) $NTAP Mixed Earnings (42.41)
Stock gaping down -$1.00 I like to see this have a small pull at open I think this pops and just gap fills back up and ghet bouught up on weakness, IF this pulls hard at all at the open to $40 area watch for bottom curl then look to go LONG on it for 1-1.5pts

7) $AAOI Favorite Play today always has range (65.79)
Stock gaping down -.50 I would like to see this small pop at open followed by a nice pullback I like to see $63.50 area or under and then look for a nice 2-3pt bounce on it, just like yesterday just wait for this to set up for us and we nail a few pts to the upside

8) $AABA Gaping up on BABA Earnings (60.65) AABA owns 15% of $BABA
Stock gaping up +$3.50 I like to see a small pop at open then watch for lower lows to set in then fade this back to the $61.50 level or under on Profit taking, this is great for investors on this stock but look for some profit taking to kick in on it and I’ll be eying the pull, if this sells off at the open chase some to that $61 level then go long.

9) $WMT Earnngs Beat (80.98)
Stock gaping down -$2 I like to buy some on this weakness here at $78.90 area if this pulls to $77 then I would add, I think the market is just pulling this down and this weakness should be bought back up think it closes over $81 today so watch for the curl

10) $BABA Earning Beat as Predicted last night. (159.50)
Stock Gaping up +10 hit $170-$171 I would fade this back on profit taking back to $162.50-$163 area then look for bounce on it and all days slow move to the upside If this pulls hard at open let it flush on profit taking to those areas then go long Expect mutiple PT increases thru out the day as high as $200+

Notable Calls:

$DCTH stock sitting +.01 at .15 cents (14) I would take some at .15 add on dips risk 3 cents look for potential move to .20+

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