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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/5/17

1) $CLSN Announce Completion of Ovation Study (2.02) (Personally btw you and me I think the PR is Baseless)
Stock gapping up +.77 looking for that 1mil pre-market volume I believe with that we should get a decent run on this stock, I would like to see small chase pop at open to $3+ then look for a decent pullback to $2.45 area then look for bottom curl flag and run. I will be watching this, if this pops then slows down watch for lower lows and nail this for an all day fader. Need volume
2) $DRYS lawsuit filed to prevent anymore dilution (1.03)
Stock gapping up +.35 I actually like the news, think we get a decent little run towards $2 on it. So I will be eyeing any pop small pullback and flag and see if this gets going, if this pops then lower lows set in and slows down then look for an all day fader for a nice SHORT on it

3) $CARA Interesting gap up and possible rebound today (16.43)
Stock gapping up +.60 I actually like this for another move towards $18 today. I like the gap up, so I will be eyeing a small pop at open thru $17+ on it then look for a nice gap fill pullback to $16.65 area or lower watch for bottom curl then slow move to $18+. If this pops at open higher it pops better the SHORT for us to fill the gap.

4) $CBI Awarded Storage Tank Contract by Venture Global worth almost $200 Million (18.70)
Stock gapping up +.48 I like this to have a decent run to the upside on this one today with this news and with market being up, I like to see a pop at open towards $20 if it comes then eye the decent pullback on it to $19 area then watch for bottom curl then go long on it, if this pulls at open to $19 and under watch for bottom curl grab a few long and see if this takes off for a flag and run.

5) $AMD Nice bounce back on todays Market up and $NVDA/BIDU News(12.15)
Stock gapping up +.30 I like this here at $12.35 room to add on any pullback if market hold I think we see $13 on this. Give it some room about .30 but I am liking this to have a nice little upside run on it today.
6) $AAOI My favorite PayCheck Stock (61.39)
Stock gapping up +.20 I would consider taking a few LONG here at $61.50 wide range to $59.50 on any pull at the open have a decent average on it I like to see this run to $64+ today with today Market conditions. I will buy and add on any weakness on this today
7) $NVDA Great News with BIDU partnership (139.33)
Stock gapping up +$2.40 I love the NEWS I think its a nice catalyst for NVDA to regain the $145-$150 spot, If this pulls at all on the gap fill profit taking to $140.25 and under go LONG on it for an all day slow move to $145+ today
8) $BIDU Gaping up on Accelerate with partnership with NVDA (179.97)
Stock gapping up +$6 BIDU tends to fill their gaps before legging up, a lot of bag holders on this stock, I would look to scale in SHORT here at $186 with room to $188 at the open and look for a nice gap fill profit taking pullback to $182-$183 then look for bottom curl then scale in a few LONG for slow all day move to the upside.
9) $GPC Gaping down on ORLY downside guidance (93.66)
Stock gapping down -$3.10 I like to see a little more downside pull on this to $88 area if it comes at the open then play a nice 2-4pt bounce then look to re-short it for a fade, more it pulls at open better the bounce. I’m a little reluctant to take it here at $90 long I really want to see how it opens, but if you can stomach a few here at $90 with room to add you may get luck on the gap fill bounce
10) $ORLY Disastrous ISSUES lowers Q2 Guidance (220.41)
Stock Gaping down -$22 I would like actually this to pull even more at open I would be watching the $195-$196 area as a possible bounce, if you take some here NOW at $198 LONG for a small 5-6 pt bounce you may just get it, But I think this can and will possibly get hurt even more to the downside, they issues a lot of negative comments in their statement I wouldn’t be surprised to see $180 on this

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