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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/3/17

1)  $SPEX   PR closing deal with Hoth Therapeutics “says it will deliver value to shareholders” (2.60)
Stock gapping up +.75 Crazy stock, thin market today stock could be in play today. Would consider playing the pop at open towards $3.75-$4 level watch for topping on it then quick pull and snap back to $2.80 and under, if this pulls at open fast to same area consider taking a few long. I will be watching of a pop and lower lows set in for all day fade if that does happen, lets see how it opens

2) $EYES  PR  Medciare coverage now doubled in some states (1.26) LOL
Stock gapping up +.20 Typical EYES any pop at open look to scale in SHORT off the topping. I think chasers and sheep may push this to $1.70+ if they do just scale in SHORT and all day fader, EYES never holds their gains

3) $CARA  Interesting gap up and possible rebound today (15.39)
Stock gapping up +.60 I like to see this rebound some this morning, could just pop out of the gate to $16.40 and run to $17 before going back down and sell off, if this dumps at open to $15.25 and under scale in LONG for a 1 point rebound on it. This will be interesting how this plays out today with the market being thin took a huge beating on Friday this could be the day it rebounds some

4) $OPXA  reverse merger with Acer (.65)
Stock gapping up +100% Think this will pop some at open to $1.20-$1.35 area or more, sheep will chase this up, higher it goes look for short sellers to come in and dump this off. Stock is cheap so be mindful it could run on a light tape today $2 is not out of the question before topping off on it

5) $CBI  BofA interesting comments $17PT (19.73)
Stock gapping up +.40 I would like to see a pop at open towards $21+ if it comes look for a decent 1 point pullback on it and look for this to gap fill and possibly sell of some today on these comments. One to watch but let it push first at open

6) $AVAV  downgraded at Piper from Overweight $35PT (38.20)
Stock gapping down -$1 I would take some LONG here at $37.20 room to add on sell off to $36.50 if it comes play the 1 point bounce on it then look for some topping then all day fade. If this pops at open towards $37.90+ scale in SHORT for an all day fader

7) $AAOI  Gapping up on Market up (61.79)
Stock gapping up +$.80 I like to see this pop at open possibly to $63-$64 then scale in SHORT gap fill it for +$2 pts or lower then look for bottom curl at $60.50-$61.50 area scale in LONG then play all day slow move to the upside

8) $NKE  gapping down on Fridays push (59.00)
Stock gapping up +.50 I like to see this sell off today towards $57.50 or under, had a huge run on Friday. I think with todays thin market we get some profit takers to come in and take this down some. Would take some short at $58.85 area room to $60 on any pop and bring this back down for a slow fader on it

9) $NVDA  Gapping on on Strong Market being up today (144.56)
Stock gapping up +$1 I would like to see this pop at open to $146.50-$147.50+ area then scale in SHORT on it gap fill it back to $145 and under then go LONG, if this pulls at open it will be quick and get under $145 then we take a few long on it

10) $BABA  DB tags a $201+ PT on this stock this morning
Stock Gapping up +$2 I would short this gap up and wait for this to gap fill back to $141 and under if this pops at open to $143-$144 watch for topping on it then look to short it, if this pulls at open and gap fills quick to $141 and under go LONG

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