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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/24/17

1) $DRYS News last night they will need shareholder approval to do any more splits or sells (2.17)
Stock gapping up +.50 This should be a fun one today, I would look at any BIG pullback at open as a buying opportunity If this pops at open to $3-$3.25 wait for a decent sell off or pullback on it to $2.40-$2.50 area risk to $2.10 and lets see if we get this going like to see $DRYS possibly touch $3.50-$4 if we get enough going on it

2) $APRN Multiple upgrades to BUY across the board with $10PT (6.55)
Stock gapping up +.60 I like the calls on this beaten down stock, watch for a quick pop at open to $7.30+ then eye a decent sell off and gap fill pullback to $6.75 and under then scale in LONG this could get to $7.50+ today

3) $P Reports of NEW activist stake in the company hearing Jana (9.47)
Stock gapping up +.70 any pop at open SHORT this with size, this always always sells off any gap up, if this pulls at open fast to $9.50 at the open look to scale in LONG for an all day slow move back thru $10+
4) $GNCA up on positive datat phase 2 (5.05)
Stock gapping up +.50 I like to see this pop at open to $6 followed by a decent pullback gap fill to $5.25 and under then look for a nice all day slow move to the upside. If this pulls at open quick look for a nice bottom curl then go long for a nice slow all day move towards $6-$6.50 or more

5) *********$HIBB Issues disappoint guidance and warning (19.70)
Stock gapping down -$4.65 I like to actually see this pull more towards $14 area or under at the open then look to play a quick 2point bounce on it, if this begins to pop a little chase some should get to $17 before it tops off. Definitely watch this for bounce play

6) $BGFV Gaping down on HIBB numbers (11.35)
Stock gapping down -$1 I would be long a few here at $10.45 with room to $10 and under at open look for this to do a slow rebound back to $11+ on this sell off today, remember its not BGFV problem its HIBBs

7) $DKS Gaping down on HIBB numbers (37.16)
Stock gapping down -$2.50 I like to see this rebound back to $36.50-$37 area so I would be buy any weakness here at $34.70 area and look for any pull at open to add onto it. Think this just rebounds back up quickly, if this shoots out of the gate and gap fills then the play will be pretty much over then it will be just a grind at that point

8) $PETS Earnings Beat (40.54)
Stock gapping up +$3 I like this to squeeze at open a little more possibly thru $45 a share before coming back down on profit taking if this pulls at open and sells off to $41 and under go LONG and play a nice all day slow move to the upside. Should be fun

9) *****$CALM Earnings Miss ($37.10)
Stock gapping down -$1.40 I would take some short here at $35.50 have room to $36.50 get a nice average and gut this today, this should have and be an all day bleed to $30 or under the numbers are horrific and their statements are worse
10) $HAS Earnings Miss (115.95)
Stock Gaping down -$7 I would be looking for this to small pop at open to $113+ then look for an all day bleeder on it, if this pulls hard at open to $105 area play a nice 4-5pt bounce on it


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