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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/19/17

1) $AEZS confirms FDA granted NDA (1.02)

Stock gapping up +.50 I like to see this pop a little more at open watch for lower lows to set in, think this ends up just heading back to $1.15 and lower. These normally do not hold up after the initial pop so you short sellers in here this should be fun to the downside once the top is set in. If it pops and flags at open then we will run it, but doubt it,

2) $XGTI receives and order for 1.5mil for equipment (2.08) Maxim puts a $4 PT on it today LOL….really
Stock gapping up +.30 I like to see this pop at open on sheep chasing maybe we get lucky and hit $2.75-$3.25 at the open but in the end I like to see this just pop and sell off and fade all the way back down to $2.15 and under.

3) ******$FSLR DB tags a BUY rating and ups the price to $47 PT Axiom tags a $51PT (44.02)
Stock gapping up +$1.44 would take some SHORT here at $45.40 area with room to $46 at open if it comes and nail a nice 1 point plus pullback in 45 seconds of work, should be fun today and nail the gap fill then go long on the bottom curl

4) $CSX Earnings Mixed (54.64)
Stock gapping down -$3.50 this morning, think the easy money is done on it, stock should roll back up to $54+ and be bough on weakness during conference call once it tops at open look for a lower low and look to fade it back to $52 area or under. I think the call is exciting investors but when finished think we get a slow fade

5) *******$AAOI Gaping up on small volume….YOU all know what to do here (90.18)
Stock gapping up +$2.00 would take some short here at $92 room to add at open look for this to flush to $88-$89 at the open before going up this should be a quick paycheck for many hopefully 3-4 pts to the downside in a 2 mins of work

6) *************************$SNI Chatter news JPM thinks it won’t go anywhere (67.02)
Stock gapping up +$10.50 would begin to lean into this some here at $77.50 area (wide range) give it to $79-$80 at the open and look for this to top off and look to fade this back to $70 and under, I read the JPM notes and she thinks its all noise cause they sat at a desk. If the lower lows set in this is going to be a nice paycheck for 3-5 pts to the downside

7) $GLPG Getting his on $VRTX (77.49)
Stock gapping down -$5.10 2 ways this pulls hard at open to $70 and under then go long for a nice 2-4pt bounce or this pops small at open to $74-$75 then watch for lower lows to set in then an all day fader on it. Should be fun once we see the direction set in.

8) $EXPO Earnings Beat (58.75)
Stock gapping up +$7 on NO volume lol I like to see this small pop at open I would try and grab a few SHORT here at $65.50 level room to add on any pop at open then look for this to gap fill back to $61-$62 area or under then bottom curl then slow move to the upside on it. Think this gives up the gap on profit taking so watch for it to fill quick

9) $VRTX Phase 1 and 2 Positive results (132.16)
Stock gapping up +$36 would short a few at $168 with room to $170-$171 at the open then look for a nice $7-12 point pullback on it on profit taking, great news but I think this gets gaped filled on profit taking and I like this to come down some, Higher it pops try not be scared once this tops this will come down

10) $NTRS Earnings Miss (97.37)
Stock Gaping down -$5 on this one 2 ways this pulls hard at open to $92 and under then go long and play a nice 3-4point bounce on it, or this pops at open and rushes quick to $94-$95 tops off then all day fader on it.

Notable Calls:

$IBM Earnings Miss just like I said they would do (154.00) Look for this to be bought on weakness so if this pulls again to $148 level go long and play a 2-3pt bounce on it, if this pops at all and gap fills to $152.50-$153 look to short it
$CMG BMO Tags a $350PT (374.98) would short at $372 and look for a nice slow fade to $360 and under today on this downgrade, any pop at open on short covering look for this to pop and fade then look to fade it all day long.

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