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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/18/17


1) $MBRX sign Technology Agreement with Anderson Cancer Center (1.70)
Stock gapping up +.30 Nice Pr I would like to see Sheep chase the Cancer word thru $2.25-$2.50+ at the open then let the lower lows set in and all day fader, I don’t think this news/pr will hold and it will be an all day fader on it. So watch for topping then nail it
2) $ERIC Earnings Miss (7.28)
Stock gapping down -.1.00 2 ways to play this here, this will pull at open hard to $6 and under then go LONG and play the .50-.80 cent bounce the re-short it. Or this pops at open on short covering to $6.85+ then eye the top on it then all day fader, may feel some gap first before shorting it

3) $AMD Barclays Tags a reiterate at $9 on this today (13.80)
Stock gapping down -50 I would actually consider taking a few here SHORT with room to add on any POP at the open I think today we get some sort of sell off to $12.50 on this, I will be eyeing any pop at open then lower lows wil set in then should be a nice fader

4) $PRTK Positive Top Line Results (24.95) HC Wainwright tags a $43PT from $36 should get some bum on that
Stock gapping up +.05 I would be long at $25 off this bottom with room to add on any pull at open think this could squeeze at open thru $26+ Pre-Market hit $26.75 so I would be eying the pop more on it, if this dumps at open to $24 and under I would definitely go LONG on it

5) $QDEL 2 upgrades on the stock (34.12)
Stock gapping up +$1.75 up way to much on thin volume look for this to gap fill would take a few SHORT here at $35.75 room to$37 at the open look for this to gap fill back to $34.50 area then look for bottom curl then look for the leg up, upgrades or not, this is up way to much needs to gap fill first before legging up

6) $SCSS Earnings Miss (31.81)
Stock gapping down -1.10 I would actually be long this weakness here at $29.90 area look for this to gap fill back to $32 area if it does watch for topping on it then look for an all day fader, note Stifel remains positive and says to BUY the weakness so any poo thru $32+ I would short it if it pops thru the $32-$33 area

7) $HOG Earnings Disaster (52.00)
Stock gapping down -$5.50 I would actually take a few here LONG at $46.60 area wide range on it to $44 then play a nice 2-3pt short covering bounce then lean into it short, I think this will short cover bounce at least 2-3 pts so watch for it to break out thru $47 and when it does should give us what we need. If this pulls hard at open to $45 area and under go LONG and bounce it

8) $PBYI FDA approval (86.10)
Stock gapping up +$7.20 I like this to have a small pop at open possible to $95+ area then lean into it short and gap fill it back to $90 and under on profit taking before going long. If this pulls at the open chase a few SHORT and take it down to $90 then bottom curl it and go LONG for a nice all day slow move to the upside

9) $ATVI Needham Tags a BUY rating with $75PT (60.50)
Stock gapping up +.50 I would actually take some here LONG at $60.95 room to add at open to $60 have a nice average think this touches $62-$63 today on this call. I like the analyst notes on it

10) $NFLX Earnings Beat (161.70)
Stock Gaping up +15.50 I actually would be consider shorting any pop at open use wide range I think we get some profit taking going to kick in and look for this to gap fill to $167 and under, keep an eye at the open I think we see this pull quick if it does, If this pops at open to $180 area SHORT it!!!


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