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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/17/17


1) $YNDX Gaping down like it should be still a nice gap to fill (31.62)
Stock gapping down -.50 I would like to see this continue to the downside and eventually hit $30 and under, so any pop at open look to scale in SHORT for all day fader, if this pulls at all at the open to $30.50 or under play a nice .50-.75 bounce then look for an all day fader. I think in the end this just ends back where it popped to $29 an under
2) $SNGX HC Wainwright Tags a BUY rating with $11 PT (2.07)
Stock gapping down -.14 No risk here imo would take a few LONG at $2.20 and under add on any dips look for a slow move to $2.50-$2.75+ this needs volume but with lack of small cap ideas I think this may get some love and decent volume on it, any aggressive pop at the open sell into it and just wait for the pullback on it.
3) $APRN AMZN wants to compete directtly with APRN product (7.36) GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stock gapping down -.50 Shorts hard to locate but any any pop at open back thru $7.15-$7.20 lean into this hard and short it, thinking this ends up in the $5 area soon. If this pulls hard at open on investor dumping to $6.25 and under play a nice .50-.70 cents bounce then scale in SHORT and fade it all day
4) $IPXL announce AB rating and final FDA approval (16.75) pop on NO volume means nice SHORT
Stock gapping up +$1.10 would try and grab a few SHORT here at $18 area add on any pop at the open and look to gap fill this quick back to $17 and under, wouldn’t be surprised if this just sells off and even goes below Friday’s close. Lets see how it opens but gut is telling me with lack of volume to short this
5) $NTNX Goldman Sachs tags a conviction BUY with $31PT 7/14 (22.12) Look for continued strength
Stock gapping up +$.70 I like to see a small pop at open towards $23+-$23.25 area then take a few short and gap fill this back to $22.25 and under then watch for bottom curl then look to go LONG on it for continuation towards $24+

6) $ACIA Needham lowers pt from $65 to $50 (39.00)
Stock gapping up +.28 I think this continues towards the $35 area this week, so any pop at open towards $40 I would watch for topping on it and lean into it SHORT look for continuation towards the downside and take this lower. See how it opens and just watch the lower lows to set in we should be good on it.
7) $RH BofA Reinstating Underperform with $54PT (66.00)
Stock gapping down -1.80 2 ways this pulls at open hard to $62-$63 area and play a nice 2-3pt bounce then all day fader on it back to lows, or this pops at open to $65.50+ area lean into it short and look for topping then all day fader on it.

8) $AAOI Looks like fun today with gap up towards $90+ mark (84.20)
Stock gapping up +$1.10 I like to see this pop a little more at open possibly to $86 then scale in SHORT pull it back 2-3 pts watch for bottom curl on it then long all day towards $88-$90 area, harder it pulls at the open better the bottom curl on it, seems like it has another day in it to the upside. So let it run some after the initial sell-off

9) $JBHT Earnings Miss (91.85)
Stock gapping down -$2.00 I like to see this pop some at open back to $91.50+ area watch for topping then all day bleeder on it, if this pulls at open to $88 and under watch for bottom curl play the bounce on it. then watch for topping then re-short it back

10) $NVDA Gaping up on Market being up (164.95)
Stock Gaping up +$2 I like this to gap fill would actually lean into this SHORT here at $166.50 area room to $168 at the open then look for a decent gap fill pullback to $164.50 and under it may even hit $162 on the sell off so just wait for it then it should be fine. The gap will be filled then the next leg up.

Notable Calls:

$TXMD CRL concerns (5.63) I would love this to pop at open to $5.30 area or more then lean into it all day SHORT for an all day fader on it, if this pulls at open to $4.75 and under play a nice .50+ bounce on it.

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