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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 7/13/17

1) $AAOI issues Higher guidance (72.64)
Stock gapping up +$8 would short a few at $80 for a quick snap or pullback for a full points in pre-market but try to cover most before the open think this might explode minute the bell rings if it does expect move to $83-$85 on it then look for topping then short it for now make a few buck on the $80 on the downside. Either way this has range today

2) $YNDX Announce Uber ridesharing (27.33) LOL Really Really
Stock gapping up +$6 I expect this gap to be filled, I’m sure it will squeeze a little at open if you can stomach a point or 2 I would consider $33 SHORT room to $35 then look to fade this. This is up imo on stupid news. A LOT OF BAGHOLDERS on this one remember that, some of these investors have been holding for 3-4yrs at $22-$26 a share
3) $CLM Gaping down on No news, cannot locate anything on this (15.90)
Stock gapping down -$1.20 would try and grab some below $15 LONg and add on dips if they come at the open think this rebounds at least to $15.50-.75 area before topping off then look to SHORT it for an all day fader on it.

4) $TGT Gaping up on issuing higher guidance (50.87)
Stock gapping up +$3 would actually lean into this SHORT here at $54 with room to $55 at the open and look for this to gap fill back to $51.50 area or under, if this pulls at open then cover it and go LONG for an all day move to the upside

5) $ARNA Prices 6mil shares at $24 (25.36) I said $22-$24 to price and look it priced at $24
Stock gapping down -$1.10 I would buy this at $24.50 and under and add on dips this will be a quick fill and I feel this will heads right back to $27-$28 so watch for a nice possible pop and flag on it, if this pulls at open below $24 consider it a gift

6) $STX Barclays downgrades the stock $49-$40 PT (39.70)
Stock gapping down -$2 2 way to play this here, Let it pull at open to $36.50-$37 area if it does scale in a few LONG look for a short covering back thru $38.50+ then short it, if this pops at open then look for this to have a nice quick move to $38.50-$39+ then look to short it for an all day fader on it once it pops and settles, should be fun
7) $FAST Baird yesterday increased PT to $56 (42.72) Told you all this would rebound to $44 today it hit $43.62
Stock gapping up +.70 I would actually take a few LONG here at $43.10 area room to add on any pull at the open looking for this to rebound to $44-$45+ today on an all day slow move to the upside
8) $XGTI Financial results exceeded expectations (1.57)
Stock gapping up +.45 would watch for quick pop at open possibly to $2-$2.25 then look for it to top off and come back down on it and gap fill to $1.75 area or lower if this pulls at open to $1.75 or under watch for bottom curl then possible long. IMO this should be a fader after any initial pop

9) $DAL earnings Miss (55.48) SB asked if I felt it would miss before the close…..It missed
Stock gapping down -$1.40 I would like to see this pull at open and sell off into the Ccall coming in 30mins then CCall comes take a few go LONG bounce it, call finishes resume the SHORT
10) $KITE Gaping up on NVS (104.65)
Stock Gaping up +$2.10 would take some SHORT here at $106.50 room to add at open look to gap fill this back to $105 and under if it comes the bottom curl then look to go LONG on it for an all day slow move to the upside

Notable Calls:

$MNK Gets fast Track Orphan (44.10) would pick up any LONG at $44.25 levels or lower and look for this to have a slow all day move to $46, careful though it may come quick at the open then fade, either way I think this moves off of $44

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