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Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 6/6/17

1) $EGLT ARYMO ER will begin getting covered by largest Insurance Company (2.35)
Stock gapping up +.50 I like the news a lot, I think this is imo a game changer for the company. I would take a few here LONG at $2.78 area consider adding on gap fill if it comes, I like to see analyst come in an re-evaluate the company. I’m not 100% sure traders will understand the impact of the news, but I definitely think this may get some play in it
2) $CBIO Landenburg tags an $11 PT on this, see much upside on this company (4.17) Former runner
Stock gapping up +.30 would take some here at $4.43 room to add at open if it pulls will be eying bottom curl on it think once this gets some volume underneath it stock could make a nice move to $5-$5.50+ on it
3) *************$FRAN Earnings Miss (12.11)
Stock gapping down -$2 I like to see a little more flush at open prefer $9.50 or under then look for that nice 1-1.5pt slow bounce back to gap fill and short covering. I love these kind of trades. IF this pops at open thru $10.50+ take a few long for a quick .50-80 pop then watch for topping on it then look to fade this all day long back to lows, higher it pops better the fade. Either way we get to play this
4) $ACOR positive Phase 3 Data Parkisons disease (15.30)
Stock gapping up +$1.30 surprised this is not at $17 yet, but watch for this to possibly push at open to $17.50-$18 then look for this to pullback on a nice short back to $15.60 and under then we scale in long. If this pulls hard at open to same area watch for bottom curl on it then scale in LONG for an all day slow move to the upside.
5) $CONN Earnings Miss (18.875)
Stock gapping down -$1.50 I like to see this pop a little at open possibly to $18-$18.30 area top off then look for an all day fader on it, if this pulls at open to $16 and under on a flush look for a nice 1-1.25pt bounce play off the bottom on short covering
6) $GIII Earnings Beat (19.89)
Stock gapping up +$6 I would consider taking a few SHORT here at $25.50 with room to $26.50-$27 at the open I like the earnings beat but I feel this is up way too much and need some gap fill at least to $22 area and under, if this pulls at open then let it flush to $22 an under then take a few long and look for this to have an all day slow move to the upside after the initial sell off
7) $HDS Earnings Miss (41.27)
Stock gapping down -$2.50 I like to see this flush more at open would prefer $37 and under on this before we see any kind of bounce on it, if this pops at open may chase a few to gap fill to $40+ then look for topping on it then look for a nice all day fader. I would prefer the flush but don’t be surprised if we have to chase some to $40 its down quite a bit on this type of stock Either way we nail it
8) $MIK Earnings Miss (19.83)
Stock gapping down -$1 I like to see this small pop at open followed by a nice all day fader on it to $17 and under today, more it pops at open if it does I will be eyeing the short on it. If this drops like a bucket at open to $17 and under then go long play the bounce
9) $THO Earnings Beat (94.69) BIG BEAT
Stock gapping up +$10 I like to see this squeeze even more at the open to $108-$110 before taking any short I think this report caught shorts off guard so watch for it to squeeze at open, if this starts to sell off at the open let it flush to $98-$99 then look for the bottom curl then go long on it. Lets see how it reacts at the open should be fun on range

10) $CASY Earnings Miss already seeing down grades this morning (116.50)
Stock Gapping down -$4.50 I like to see some short covering at open possible to $114 area if it comes then look to short this for an all day fader on it. I think this gets hurt today big time. If you can stomach wide range take some now at $112 room to $115 have a nice average and let this begin to fade.

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